Monday, January 24, 2011

Kinda freaking out!!!

Ok, we took Cedric to the ENT.  It was confirmed he's tongue tied and he has to have surgery :(  He wouldn't let the doctor even examine his ears without a fight.  So there was no way he could clip his tongue in the office.  I discussed all my fears and concerns about sedation and he reassured me that the gas would be the best option.  He said it would be around big deal.  We are having it done at Kosair Children's Hospital.  I'm just freaking out that a. my little guy will be in pain and b. he has to be sedated.   I know of a little girl who they gave too much anaesthesia to and later died at home.  I'm just super worried.  But I know it will help on his eating drastically.  You can see when he takes a bite of something he doesn't have the tongue dexterity to move it to the side of his mouth.  The piece of food just sits there.  It sucks we have to pay $250 for the surgery.  OUCH!  What is the use of insurance, because that is just the dr's fee, not the fee for the hospital or anesthesiologist.  I'm just tired of bills.

I kinda need a break...a get away very soon.  Just Eric and myself.  We are thinking about maybe going away for a night or something sometime.  It's too cold for Chicago or anywhere up north.  So who knows.  I'm just in need of a much needed break.

Ok...I can't think I'm going to fix lunch while Ceddy naps.

***Edited...I'm still freaking out***  I know it's a minor surgery but I really really really hate him being sedated.  (every time I hear the word sedated I think of the Ramones) Eric is really calm and awesome about the whole thing.  I'm just freaking out.  I about started crying thinking about him away from me in the surgery room.  I read the info they gave me about surgery and all that jazz.  My nerves have not been calmed...if anything amplified with fear.  I just hate him having to go through this.  It seems we never can get a break!!!  Hell, I'm just tired of worrying.  I know that's a momma's job to do.  I just want to take my family and go away some place warm.  Hummmm....dreaming of Hawaii. Off to clean and knit I go...

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