Monday, January 10, 2011

Long list before me...

Sitting right below my nose is a long list of to items I comprised of everything I can get done this week.  I managed to scratch off four.  I'll dive in more tonight.  I have to make list.  Literally, I make one everyday.  I have done so since probably high school.  I have a horrible memory and I have to keep focused.  If I don't I get side tracked.  But enough of that nonsense... I just want to really finish this list.

Spen loved his swim lessons.  I liked the water fitness class, even though Sarah  and I were a good 50 years younger than our classmates.  I'm going to try YET AGAIN to make it to baby hour at the library this week.  Hopefully, we can make it.  I've learned with kids you make no solid plans.  Case in point...Eric was going to watch spen, ceddy and my friends son while we took our class.  The "plan" was for him to stay during spens class and drive the kids home.  My class started after the kids.  We didn't want them by the water or hanging around by themselves.  Literally, as we were down the street of the aquatics center Cedric gagged and threw up all over himself. He's teething and cutting his back teeth.  he had just ate and was chewed a little too far with his finger. That was just one the many crazy events that happened Saturday.  I jumped in the back seat to check on him and remembered we did not bring a change of clothes with us...the diaper bag was in the other car.  So plans changed and Spen and his friend hung out at my friends moms house.  Eric had to take Cedric home and clean him up...there was no way he could have just been wiped down...he was covered.  FUN....let's see what next week brings.  I'm debating on doing deep water aerobics.  The idea kinda scares me. 

I'm cutting back on my coffee intake.  I read up on my issue and it is exacerbated by caffeine.  I was downing a lot of cups a day.  I stopped today and my side feels much better.  Duhhhhh....I knew it, but I love my coffees...sniff sniff.  I love caffeine.  I quit caffeine usage when I was pregnant with both boys.  I quit while I was breastfeeding too.  Spen was so sensitive to things, I couldn't even eat certain foods while breastfeeding because it would upset his stomach.  Caffeine is a wondrous drug...but something I can not have a lot of with my tummy issue.  I guess this means I will have to start actually sleeping...sheeshhhh....

Ok, off to get dressed and go to the grocery.  Spen needs milk and I need food too.  Funnnn....I hate food shopping. 

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