Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kinda weird...but meh.... I tried a new therapy tactic last night.  It's compression therapy for Cedric.  It's kinda weird, but makes total sense.  I have to take my finger and press on the roof of his mouth with pressure.  It is desensitizing him.  Kids with sensory issues often times have to get used to different feelings and pressure.  I also have been giving him different textures for him to try.  I gave him toast today.  He licked it and laughed.  He's the happiest baby so it makes things a lot easier.  He drank water and apple juice yesterday.  Yay!!!  He has also gone to one bottle of whole milk a day.  Slowly but surely he'll get on track.  So the therapist said art sparks and diaper dip would be perfect for him.  She said kids with sensory issues usually blossom with the usage of water.  So I need to call today and sign us up.  I also need to sign spen up for swim lessons.  He's a water baby himself.  That kid LOVES the water.  He just needs to perfect his strokes and build endurance.  I think my friend is going to sign her son up for the same class.  That will be fun for the boys.Cedric's therapist also gave me a really interesting book food chaining.  It has struck a chord within the first few passages.  I can relate to the stories and it's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I need to go to the grocery.  How I loathe the grocery.  But I need food and fast.  I've lost a pound...woo hoo.  It's amazing what not eating mounds of chocolate will do for you.  I need to make a list of food and things I need from the store.  I also need to go to the store on a full stomach.  Lord knows how I shop and I need all the help I can get.  I want to really do this budget thing.  We have been so good and only been out to eat ONCE this year...laaaaaa..and that was on a gift card.  So I do not feel guilty.  I need to load up the refrigerator.  I cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry last night. I even managed to have us take the garbage out.  WOO HOO.  We forgot last week and were up to our eyeballs in wrapping paper.  I need to make a trip to the recycle bins by our house.  I have tons of boxes and plastic.  Eric and I are trying our best to recycle as much as we can.  We are also trying to turn off as many lights and keep the heat down.  Our LG&E bill was over $300 last month.  OMG!!!!!

Eric is working on my site.  I"m so excited!!!  It should be up and running very very soon.......

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