Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fill in blank....

I feel blah...

I hurried this morning.  I tried my very hardest to get out the door and to baby hour at the library and I failed miserably.  I was running late and then made a late turn into St. Matthews and ended up getting lost in a neighborhood.  I tried using my phone but I got annoyed with it so I ended up saying screw it and went shopping at JoAnns.  I bought some buttons for my kickass practically free coat : )  I had lunch with the hubs.  Had an argument with the hubs over said lunch.  Long story but he chose a place close to his work...which is also close to U of L and it was indeed lunch time so it was beyond crowded and we had a stroller with us.  Not a good combination and my winter blues are kicking in so I was a royal bitch.  I owned up to my bitchiness and we ended up at panera enjoying ourselves after leaving the tiny Mongolian place.  I went to whole foods and bought some drinks, bit size brownies and some potatoes.  I'm sure the guy checking me out thought I was nuts.  Oh well.

Ok, so while driving home I was rocking out to lady gaga and I look over to see a hearse sitting at the light right beside me.  It was not a funeral procession or anything. I wasn't sure if there was a person who had passed in the car or not.  I was just curious to what the driver was listening to.  I know weird thought.  But I wonder if they rock out while picking up the dead or just driving around town.  They're people too.  Ok...dumb thought...but I'm always curious to what people listen to in their car.  I personally am a singer and constantly have to catch myself to stop singing at stop lights...people tend to look at me like I'm nuts.

Saturday is zumba class. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous or fearful for not looking like a total idiot.  But oh shall be fun nonetheless. 

I actually cleaned yesterday and from what I gather hell did not freeze over.  I vacuumed my bedroom and cleaned my bathroom.  We need to light a match to that room and just start over.  It needs a major update.  I'm not looking forward to that though.  Eric and I have talked about taking down a wall...adding a garden  I'm just tired of projects....sheeeshhhhhhhhhh.  But it needs to be done.  I hate my bed.  It was a spur of the moment purchase.  I love how comfy it is...I just don't like the detail work on it.  But oh well...I'm stuck with I'll have to make it work.

Eric got his w2's  I'm currently waiting on mine.  Oh joy...taxes.  Hopefully, we get enough back this year to pay some stuff off.  That would be dreamy. 

I want to have a HUGE yard sale...aka get rid of crap we do not need or like anymore.  I'm having issues with baby stuff.  I can't part with a lot of stuff.  I'm not sure if we are done or not.  It sucks not knowing.  But I can part with a lot of decor stuff I'm over. 

I need to mount some pics on foamcore.  I'm going to hang them up in the basement.  I don't like doing glass frames down there because the kids go ape shit down there and throw things around.  I'm sure things will get knocked off the wall and broken so frameless we shall be.  I want to do canvas prints too.  I just need to buy some canvas.  I'm lazy.

I really can't wait for spring. I told Eric I want to get a zoo pass this year.  I plan on taking Cedric there a lot.  It's fun for the family, a great work out (damn hills) and would give me something to do during the day with Ceddy.  I want out of this house.  Living in Florida is starting to look really nice right now.  I'm over this snow!!!

Ok...I just watched this...

and wept.  That poor couple was robbed of happiness.  It's just sad.  No matter how crappy or hard life could always be worse.  Steven Tyler was a gem....I just hate seeing sad things.  Life can truly be not fair.  That's something my mom would always tell me..."no one said life was fair". to call Eric and see when he's coming home.  Tomorrow is my Sephora date : )  I need some new primer and blush.

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