Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let the cookie baking begin!!!

I have been on a cookie frenzy.  I've been buying them like crazy...and eating them like crazy as well.  I'm going to pop a few in the oven in a bit.

I'm over the moon my Eric is on his way home!!!  My heart is in my throat because he is driving through this snow mess.  He told me he was almost hit head on but thankfully the guard rail stopped the on coming truck!  OMG!!!  I told him to drive slow and safe.  I can't wait until he gets home!  I love and miss him to death.  It's been hard while he was away.  I work non-stop with the two kids. I need a mini vaca when he gets back.  Two weeks of nothing but mommy overload kinda makes one go crazy.  Add the snow to the mix...not a pretty picture.  Eric helps out with the kids so much...I feel so wore out when he's away.   I haven't been getting any sleep at night due to the new found habit my son has developed.  He now likes to cover his head with blankets.  Scares me to throughout the night I'm checking to see if he has a blanket on his head or if he is cold. 

I don't get people.  Sometimes the answer is right below your nose.  People will blame everything else but the real culprit.  If people were to take an honest look at a situation, they would know the truthful answer.

I have an appointment for Ceddy to have his tongue checked out.  Hopefully, he will not have to be sedated.

I have some ideas of what I would like to do with our family room.  But I just don't know what I really could do to keep it kid friendly.  I hate when I look up inspirational pics for my room... they look nothing like what I can do. I a. do not live in a loft or flat. nor b. can have white couches or a lot of $$$ in there.  The set up is really weird in there and I have a number of crazy factors, fireplace, doors, windows.  I'm just not sure how I should lay it out.  Also, I give up on the nice furniture...the kids will only destroy it.  I just hate that we had to rush with this house and just make quick decisions on certain things.  Now I need to go back and really take a look at what I want. I really like this layout and furniture set.  But I hate leather...I want something comfy and something that will resist stains.  I can't have two chairs due to the fact we have a tv occupying a lot of space and a huge ass fireplace occupying the rest of the space.  Ho hum....I shall figure something out.

I also hate the windows in there.  I'm thinking about doing a whole wall window treatment.  I have an idea for artwork.  Blow up some Chicago pics.  Ok...Eric just called and he's only 30 minutes away!!!  Yay!!! to make those cookies : )

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