Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just feel blah today.  Eric came home which made me super happy, but I just feel overwhelmed.  This week has been nuts with Eric traveling.  From the windows mix-up to Ceddy's ear infection, planning Spen's birthday, or lack of sleep to not having any energy...I'm just kinda stressed.   I'm shocked I'm not sitting in the corner rocking myself.  I also need to schedule a day for Cedric's case worker (her real title escapes me) to come over for me to sign a release for a dietitian to come out and talk to me.  I'm just tired.  Sheeeshhhh.....

On a brighter note,

My oldest turns 8 tomorrow.  I can't believe it.  It seems he was a toddler yesterday and now he wants a skate board.  Yes, I'm the over protective mom!  I bought him a helmet, mouth guard and all the pads that cover everything on his body that bends.  This is coming from the girl who broke her arm in TWO places skating.  So I take no chances.

We have so much to do...tomorrow I have to pick up his ice cream cake from DQ...OMG can we say yummy and I LOVE my son for picking that!  Tonight either Eric or myself will go pick up his cookie cake or cupcakes to take to school..I still have yet to decide...and his big gift...a bike.  Tomorrow I'm going to go have lunch with him at school.  Tonight after he falls asleep I will sneak in and decorate his room.  It's a tradition.  So he wakes to balloons and all that jazz....HE LOVES IT!!!  Then once he gets home from school we will go out to eat with his friends (already made reservations at a fun place) and then play lazer tag.  Then they will all spend the night.  I shall hopefully, go to sleep early tonight...I'm going to need energy tomorrow or lots of coffee : )

The clearance gods shined down upon me today.  I scored an zebra print storage cube  for my entry for 14.98.  WOO HOO!!!  I've been searching for something to go in there.  I also scored a pair of knock off ray bans  (Franco Sarto) for cheap as well : )   Always a plus.

I went to the store looking for Spen something and ran across some fun stuff.

Too cute chair!
 Fun tables
 I liked this. 

I was super excited...this was what I have been looking for!!!  I wanted a little bird to go in my was actually a broken bird off another much LARGER water bath.  Ha!  I actually contemplated asking if they would sell it.

I settled on my glasses and some skating shirts for Spen.  I thought he'd like that to go with his new skateboard.

I'm proud of my boy...he came in first place for his den in the pine wood derby and fourth in the pack.

Go SPEN!!!

Ok, off to get ready for b-day celebrations and sleep...oh sweet sleep.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is how I feel today...sheeeshhhh

I love Bill Murray!!! I feel like I got slimed, Ray.
I feel like crap today. My mouth feels like it was hit by a truck.  OUCH!!!  I should be in bed.  Cedric is sick with an ear infection and I'm missing my hubby.  This weather has me down.  I need Eric and I need a hug like yesterday. He helps me out so much and I'm missing him like crazy.  Boo... I'm super happy I took Cedric to the doctor.  Poor little guy.  I hate he's sick.  He weighed a whopping 26 pounds.  He's such a chunky monkey. 

Off to take a hot shower and sleep.  Morning comes fast and I have a b-day to plan and kids coming over tomorrow morning.

So much to do...

So little time.  I have a long list of things to do today and going to the grocery is one of them...not looking forward to this!!!  Cedric is in a bad mood and it's cold and raining out. 

I ran to the new goodwill that just opened up down the street from me this morning.  It was HUGE!!!  I really did not see anything exciting except two records I almost bought.  I had them in my cart and pushed them around with me. 

Rocky would have been for the Hubs and Spen. Urban Cowboy for me...I was raised on that movie...hehehehee...

But I decided we didn't need them and walked away.  Although, I REALLY wanted them. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help me! I've glued a hat to my head! - Bizarre ER - BBC Three

Today in pics...

I did not sleep at all last night : (   I also had an orthodontist appointment this morning during Cedric's nap time...sooo you can imagine how that went.  Grrr....'tis life.

I started using bands...I'm sure I look super hot in them...(eyes rolling)


 I darted over from my ortho appointment to check out TjMaxx.
 I'm thinking about making something like this with the teapot you will see down the post...(for my kitchen table).
 If I had a little girl...I would have SSSSOOOO bought this...but alas, I don't.

 This was cute.
 I LOVE lamps...I hoard them in my basement.
 I liked this pair.
 Future kitchen project right after the chalk board...which I have all the supplies waiting for me in the garage.
 I love these...I think I need a million to go in my future Victorian conservatory.

I love this...

 I seriously almost bought these bookends...I went back to them  over and over thinking about where to put them...but I couldn't come up with a home, so I passed..kinda wished I had not.  I might be making a return trip.
 I'm loving this color...
 I had to snap a pic of this...I seriously do not care how many people love these...they will forever remind me of the 80's...the bad side of the 80's.  I think both my mom and grandma had a million of these. 
 I wanted this pair as well.
 I was starving...and seriously thought about buying this...but the line changed my mind...
 My hubby's 2nd love...sprinkles.
 My owl lover friends would adore this...

 A fun pillow...
 I love this mirror...and might have to mock it if I can't find it again...
 These were fun...
 I'm so in the mood for color this season...

 This screamed for me to throw a BBQ...soon I will...

I'm not allowed to buy anything black anymore...I have way too much of it...but both these were fun.

 Sleepy baby boy...he zonked out toward the end of our shopping adventure...
   Too sweet...
 I LOVED the glass...
I saw a bunch of things I LOVED, but Suze Orman would have been proud...I just walked away.  I kind wish I hadn't on the bookends...oh to feed the little beast...he's up from his nap.

Have a great day guys!!!

***Edited.... I am looking for something like this for my kitchen...  If anyone sees anything similar out and about let me know...

Monday, March 28, 2011

A woman on a mission...

This evening I took the boys out in search of two things...a skate board for Spen and some fabric for me.  Needless to say we came home empty handed : (   I was looking for my chevron fabric.  I knew no where in Louisville would have it...and I was correct in my assumption.  I did find a FABULOUS place online that carries it in the color I want for only $9.99 a yard. Yay!!!  I want to update my office.  Right now I have white long grommet curtains.  But I want this pattern!!!

I also want to put shelves up on the walls.  I need to change out the art to some of the pics I have taken.  I figured I'm in this room a lot and I want it to be full of life.  I also need to buy a book case.  I need storage and I need to get organized!!!

I went to Toysrus and went blank on the skateboards.  Spen has a gift card from the GPs and he wanted a skateboard.  We decided to wait until Eric could take him and they could pick it out together.  I have no clue to which one would be best and all that jazz.  I totally froze...I had a cart that wouldn't push, a kid who kept taking his shoe off, and another one who wanted a $50 board...and I was burning up...I wore the wrong coat out...shhheeeshhhh.   So yeah, I froze, and we made the decision to let dad pick it out.  Hell, he still skateboards so he should be making this decision.  Not mom, the one who about broke herself the last time she was on a board.

Spen's 8th b-day is this Friday.  I can't believe it.  My little boy will be eight.  I swear I blinked and he grew up.  I adore my little man more than life itself.  Honestly, he is the best kid a mom could ask for.  Hands down ask anyone who knows him and they would sing his praises.  I'm truly blessed to have him as my son.  This b-day is going to be low key.  Usually, each year we have a big party but he chose a smaller get together.   We are going to have a few friends spend the night, go to lazer blaze, and then out to eat.  This shall be entertaining.

The fabric store yielded no purchases, but I did see some fun Spring fabrics. 

I love this fabric...I wish I had a home for it...
 Love it!
 I love this fabric!
 Fun girl fabric.
 I heart the pear fabric.

 Some of these would make fun aprons...if I cooked anyway...hahhahahaa...

 I liked the pattern of this.

 I don't know why I liked this print...but it's fun.
 Fun little girl prints.
 This would be a cute fabric for a baby sling.

 I love this green.
 This selection makes me what to make a whole bunch of throw pillows...too bad they would not go with anything in my house. BUT I could totally use it to be framed as art work...hummmmm....
 I love the dots.
 I love these little boots.

Heads up..JoAnns has their canvas on sale : )

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