Thursday, March 3, 2011

Damn You Mr. Garbage man...

We yet again forgot to take out the trash last night.  Thankfully, we aren't to the point of walking to a vacant dumpster yet and pitching our bags. 

Poor Eric...he didn't go to bed until 5am. He was at work until 10 pm.  He got up and went to work at 8am today.  He will crash hard tonight.  He's working on his arcade.  I hope everything comes together for him.  Poor guy tonight he has to run the scout meeting.  He is burning the candle at both ends and he isn't Charlie Sheen the invincible....he's my hubby and he needs a break.  I think we might go away for a night sometime soon.  We need some alone couple time.  He starts class next week.  He's going for another certification.

Ok...I've hit rock bottom on my diet.  I had a Wendy's breakfast (that I do somewhat justify because A.) they're freaking delicious and B.) I shared it with Cedric so I didn't consume all the calories.  Now the down grosses me out thinking of all the additives in the meat I consumed and in the food Ceddy ate.  Also, I've fallen off the caffeine wagon.  I got a freaking medium diet coke from there.  It was basically a bucket.  My side will be hurting pretty soon.   So back to water and tea for me.  I also have been buying coffees out and about and also drinking them at home.  No more!  I want to keep my health.  So back to my rock bottom.  I had the craving for ice cream.  I have had it all day.  So I went to dairy queen after dropping Spen off with Eric.  I got a hot fudge sundae...climbed into the back of the jeep and proceeded to split it with Cedric.  I guess he's going to become my accomplice in all my  bad eating adventures.  It was funny sitting outside in the parking lot eating a sundae with my little guy with no care in the world...for a mere second I was in Nirvana. It truly is the little things that make me happy.  

Eric and Spen are at scouts.  They have the pinewood derby this Saturday so this weeks meeting is setting up and testing the track..  Eric said he lost the track out of the truck in the middle of Shelbyville Road by Evergreen.   Thankfully, he did not get run over jumping out and retrieving it.  Tonight while driving away dropping Spen off my heart skipped a beat for my hubby.  I love's silly and all that jazz...but seeing him so sleep deprived but pushing forward to be a good dad melts my heart.  He gave me a smile and I felt the same way when I first fell for him..blushing inside..  Eric and I need a night off.  Hell, it doesn't have to be passion filled night out...stuffing our faces or watching a movie would be nice.  I'm thinking about planning a weekend trip somewhere close.  I heard Brown County is nice, or maybe Nashville.  It would be nice to go for a night and have a few drinks, dinner and just be a couple. A gal can dream. 

Super cute...Ceddy now likes to tickle people.  If he sees your foot he tickles it and runs away giggling.   LOVE IT!!! to watch some TV.

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