Sunday, March 27, 2011

I should be...

I should be doing so many other things but I decided I would update my blog right now.  Tomorrow I get new windows in the front of the house.  This should be interesting.  Let's see, I guess this is one of those "adult purchases" that truly suck.  I guess that's life though. day updated with pictures...

This was actually me yesterday testing out the camera on my new worked : )And no...just in case my mother reads this...I am not truly that was the flash...she's always worrying about my paleness hehehehehee.

This was meant to actually be video...I pushed the wrong button hence why it's blurry.  I think I'm going to sign Spen up for piano lessons soon. He's pretty good at it and a fast learner.

My two little boys heights beside each other... They're growing up so fast.

 We took a trip to the thrift store today...and I saw some cool furniture.  I wish I knew how to reupholster furniture because I saw some cool stuff with great shapes to them.  Oh, and bed bugs terrify me so no way any of this stuff would come into my house unless it was bleached, newly padded and had new fabric : )
 I love both these couches shape.  the below one SCREAMS a cute funky fabric print.
 I seriously thought about using this as a buffet in my dinning room.
 This was a super nifty footstool/ coffee table. It was actually pretty cool the way it had a dark wood stain and high gloss varnish on it.  I knew I would just hit my legs on I let it stay at the store...

 I liked these chairs.  I have no place in my house for these chairs, but they were fun.
 I LOVE this chair and am really thinking about going back and buying it.  I would strip it down in the garage and rebuild it...I might go back for it..hummmm...I just love the shape. 
 Anyone need a piano?  I swear every time I go to this thrift store I contemplate buying one.

 TV land...
 This is actually an old record player/media center.  I thought about buying it, painting it and using it as a buffet too.  I didn't though...too much work and I'm too lazy.
 The hubs showing Spen old computers...Eric was looking for more things to collect...aka HOARD.
 A Super FLY couch... I swear this couch screams Fancy...just not in my house...hehehehee. 
 My childhood...We had a whole bunch of these guys...
 I totally wanted to buy this and practice for my neighborhood  4th of July parade.  I didn't though...but I did twirl it...and then forced myself to walk away...slowly ..hehehehe.
 My mother had one of these when I was little and each xmas she would bring it out, fill it with nuts and us kids would crush them in it...not eating the nuts of course, they were gross...we just liked crushing them.
 This reminds me of my Nanny...this is an old AVON cologne bottle.  My grandmother had a bunch of them when I was little.
 It was a beautiful day would never have known it was so cold out.
 Cedric's new haircut...I think I did a pretty swell job myself.
 Spen being silly...
 I swear each time I blink he grows an inch.
 Lunch...which later made me sick...but it was yummy going down.
 Ceddy LOVES pickles.

 Spen getting to live his dream as he told me...standing up, looking out the sunroof (he's done this before) and no we were not moving.  We were waiting in a parking lot for the hubs.
 Lastly, my toilet paper bandit struck again.  I swear we have to shut every bathroom door in this house...Ceddy LOVES to play with it.

I got a BADDDD case of the wants...and I want something in my house with a chevron pattern on it.  That's my new obsession and I'm going to make it happen.  Ha!   I want to introduce color into my bedroom also.  It's too drab and dark.  I think I might hit up some fabric stores this week and see what comes of it.  Hummmm....


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Eve said...

Love your updates and ideas for making old furniture new again..colour is good!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks guys! I'm super CHEAP...and with two kids I refuse to pay a lot for anything because with boys EVERYTHING usually gets trashed at some point. Ha! Have a great week :)