Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am beyond tired.  I know Eric and the rest of the guys at the expo are too.  Poor Eric went to bed at 3am and had to get up at 7:45am to run the pine wood derby.  Spen did awesome this year.  I'm so sleepy I forgot what places he came in.   From the derby Eric came home, chatted with me and ran over to the expo to help out.  I went food shopping most of the day and then went and took some pics of the is a link to them...

I still have a whole house to clean by tomorrow.  The baby shower is at 3pm.  So I'm not rushing it.  I still have to bake my mint cookies.  Eeekkkkk....this is terrifying.  I'm sure there is some law against me being allowed alone in the kitchen.  Secretly, I wanted to ask a few of my friends to help me...but I know they are busy.  I'll try my best.

Me happy I'm eating Sonic : )

I blew off the diet and went to Sonic tonight with Spen.  He was in LOVE with his hamburger.  He let me know this with every bite he consumed.  It was cute.  He was also in love with his cherry-limeade and tater tots....I was too.  Yummmyyyyyy....

I so wanted these shoes.  These are the ones I almost bought for gaga.  But like I said...they started to hurt my feet in the store...not a good idea.  I truly heart them though.

My friend Angela and her son Josh playing spen.

Spen playing some games at the expo.  I took these with my crappy camera phone...I had already put my good camera up.  It was cute Spen disappeared with Eric as soon as we arrived.  Drifted off into the land of the arcades and 80's video games.  Amanda wheeled Cedric around while I snapped pics.  It was cute seeing her taking care of Ceddy.  He loved the attention.

Ok...I've avoided housework long to clean and get this house ready for a party tomorrow.

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