Friday, March 18, 2011

Book club...

Tonight was my book club meeting.  It's nice getting together, sitting around doing nothing but talking about a book and life with all the bits in between.  Next month I shall host and I think I may turn it up a notch. 

I had a doctor appointment today.  I had to take Ceddy with me.  He was awesome!  I whispered a silent prayer and asked him to be good as I got him out of the car.  I fully understand a 16 month old child has no concept of good...but I figured it was worth a shot.  He was amazingly good though.  So I guess my attempts were not in vain...ha.  The staff loved him and they counted 1, 2, 3 go with him.  He now says the 2, 3 and go part...just can't get the one part down.  I got another chemical peel.  They went up the dosage of solution.  I FELT IT!!!  Hopefully, some of my pores will shrink.  My cheap self totally thought about trying to buy the solution and doing it to myself at home.  Hummmm...still thinking about it. I also had my buddy removed again and a new prescription added to the many I already have.  Funnn...

I went to a floral store today to get ideas for a centerpiece for my kitchen table.  It's too boring looking.  I need color!!!  I also want to have something to put on my fireplace mantel.

I think it would be fun to have some moss topiaries with a modern planter for my fireplace.  I would LOVE to have mercury apothecary jars...I'll keep my eyes open.

Cedric now likes to walk holding your hand...actually without your hand but will settle for holding your hand.  Today was a beautiful day...even though it was a nice Spring like day that made me want to walk down Frankfort Avenue and check out little shops.  It also made me crave the Irish Rover...hands down the best cheese fritters!!! And sadly I had to talk myself out of getting a batch to go.
I had a great mommy and Ceddy day today  : )  I feel very blessed to cuddle with the hubs.

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