Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Has been one of those days I wanted to crawl back into bed and cover my head.  I've been working on two vlogs today.  I can't seem to get the editing right so I'm waiting until the hubs gets home to see if he can figure it out. 

My lovely day started off with a 3am wake up call by the lovely Ceddy.  He doesn't feel well so I took care of him.  I still feel like crap and am sick with a head cold too.  I hurried and cleaned my house today (Cedric's feeding therapist comes on Wednesday mornings) so I scrubbed, cleaned and put things away.  I'd like to give the illusion my house is not trashed all the time...ha.   After working hard and sitting down to check an email I get a call telling me she was not coming today.  If only I had received that call an hour earlier.  Boo on needless cleaning.  So then I discovered my oldest left his lunch at home today.  I ran it up to his school and the front office FORGOT to give it to him.  So he ended up putting a charge on his account at school for lunch.  I was kinda mad that they forgot to give him his lunch...but whatever.  I went to the mall and pulled my GHETTO SUZE ORMAN would be proud magic.  I tried on a pair of the Ray Bans I want...found my correct size and plan on buying them off ebay for wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper : )   I'm so frugal.  But I really want the classic ray ban wayfarer and I'm not about to pay $150 or more for them : )  I needed to know the size I would now I know and now I will be ordering them : )  Laaaaa...I love the land of the cheap...hehehehehee

I wish I could kick this head cold...I think it's actually a combo of allergies and cold.   I'll post my vlogs as soon as I can figure them out. 


The Planet Pink said...

Needless cleaning...haha. Hope you feel better soon!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks...I have a date with NyQuil tonight : )