Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just feel blah today.  Eric came home which made me super happy, but I just feel overwhelmed.  This week has been nuts with Eric traveling.  From the windows mix-up to Ceddy's ear infection, planning Spen's birthday, or lack of sleep to not having any energy...I'm just kinda stressed.   I'm shocked I'm not sitting in the corner rocking myself.  I also need to schedule a day for Cedric's case worker (her real title escapes me) to come over for me to sign a release for a dietitian to come out and talk to me.  I'm just tired.  Sheeeshhhh.....

On a brighter note,

My oldest turns 8 tomorrow.  I can't believe it.  It seems he was a toddler yesterday and now he wants a skate board.  Yes, I'm the over protective mom!  I bought him a helmet, mouth guard and all the pads that cover everything on his body that bends.  This is coming from the girl who broke her arm in TWO places skating.  So I take no chances.

We have so much to do...tomorrow I have to pick up his ice cream cake from DQ...OMG can we say yummy and I LOVE my son for picking that!  Tonight either Eric or myself will go pick up his cookie cake or cupcakes to take to school..I still have yet to decide...and his big gift...a bike.  Tomorrow I'm going to go have lunch with him at school.  Tonight after he falls asleep I will sneak in and decorate his room.  It's a tradition.  So he wakes to balloons and all that jazz....HE LOVES IT!!!  Then once he gets home from school we will go out to eat with his friends (already made reservations at a fun place) and then play lazer tag.  Then they will all spend the night.  I shall hopefully, go to sleep early tonight...I'm going to need energy tomorrow or lots of coffee : )

The clearance gods shined down upon me today.  I scored an zebra print storage cube  for my entry for 14.98.  WOO HOO!!!  I've been searching for something to go in there.  I also scored a pair of knock off ray bans  (Franco Sarto) for cheap as well : )   Always a plus.

I went to the store looking for Spen something and ran across some fun stuff.

Too cute chair!
 Fun tables
 I liked this. 

I was super excited...this was what I have been looking for!!!  I wanted a little bird to go in my was actually a broken bird off another much LARGER water bath.  Ha!  I actually contemplated asking if they would sell it.

I settled on my glasses and some skating shirts for Spen.  I thought he'd like that to go with his new skateboard.

I'm proud of my boy...he came in first place for his den in the pine wood derby and fourth in the pack.

Go SPEN!!!

Ok, off to get ready for b-day celebrations and sleep...oh sweet sleep.

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