Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I had a 7:30am orthodontist appointment this morning.  I also took a benadryl and a half last night.  Not the greatest combo.  But my head feels sooo much better.  I hate allergy season.

I love my hubby so much.  He's being truly supportive.  I'm  completely changing my life "plan" and starting back with a dream I had once upon a time.  I love my hubby to death for being so supportive and allowing me to become a better person.  The more and more I think about this plan...the more I become excited.  I've been here before though...so only time will tell if it actually happens.  I'm lazy...so hopefully I can make it happen.

Dear New York and Company...please STOP sending me emails.  I swear I get like 5 a day.  Ok, maybe that's a lie...but geezeeee...enough already.

I've been gathering things for the shower all week.  I still need to figure out food.

I went to a million stores today.  Went to the grocery and spent $123 on stuff.  It was the grocery trip that you have to restock EVERYTHING...paper towels, toilet paper, you name it...we needed it.  I have to go to the mall later.  Not looking forward to this at all!!!  I hate the mall...but it's a necessary evil.

I ordered cupcakes today for the shower...Ceddy had a melt down while I was ordering them...so who knows really what I ordered, we will find out Sunday.

Below are crappy pics from my phone...but I'm bored and thought I'd share my day with pictures...

Eric's arcade cabinet is looking awesome. He put this by hand!  Go him for being awesome.

This is the state of my basement...

Arcades, wires, and tools galore.  This weekend it should be cleaned up : )

My living room is becoming a holder for pom poms.  I bought more tissue paper today to make more ; )

This was actually taken the other day...but this is of Ceddy eating his first girl scout cookie...he LOVED it!

Yeah...proof the whole I'm going to make my bed daily thing hasn't panned out.

A set of pictures I totally want to put in my basement.  I might just make it happen...nothing says inspiration like cupcakes : )

Off to get ready for the mall...eeekkkkk....

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