Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Eric has been taking a class on line for a new certification from home.  Of course I have been EXTREMELY tired this week from running non-stop this weekend and allergies.  So for the past two days I've been napping with Cedric...and he has been taking LONGGGGGG naps...blissful ones.  But today I knew the words before Eric even spoke them..."so this is what you do every day while I'm at work?"...he was laughing and kidding me.  I did look guilty as I laid snuggled in my bed...but we laughed about it.  He knows what I usually am doing because I call him a million times throughout the day while he is at work.  Eric said he would love to be able to work from home.  I wish he had a job that he could everyday.  It's nice to be able to have lunch with him or run Spen to school and not have to get Cedric up and ready as well.  Maybe one day he will.

Ok, while I was stuffing my face tonight...I read just how many calories I was consuming...ummmm...not a pretty picture.  But damn pasta salad was so yummy.  I walked on the treadmill to somehow counter act the two mealtimes I consumed it in.  I'm kinda craving it now.  Must not think of the pasta salad...yummm...

These were my mint chocolate chip cookies I made for the shower.  I LOVED them.  I could totally go for a hand full right now. But sadly, they are all gone : (

This was the contents of my target cart today...I'm preparing for Lady Gaga this weekend.  I came home and tried out my new makeup and ended up looking like a bad drag queen.  I still need to master the art of false eyelashes.  I made a mistake of buying self adhesive ones...rip off.  So tomorrow I need to buy some glue.  I did find an awesome tutorial on how to apply them.  Here is the link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzxFgOzoPrM

I'm tempted to buy this kit.  The makeup artist I adore swears by it...so I might just give it a shot.  I'm a clean skin junkie.  If I do...I'll write a review.  I read some reviews and a lot of people like it.  Better yet, I'll check with my dermatologist to see what she thinks about it and go from there.

I saw this dress at JCPenney in the mall and I must have it for Spring.  I might just wear it for Easter.  I love a fierce zebra print. (Note to self start lifting weights again...spring and summer are soon upon us.) Also, another note to self...keep an eye out for JCPenney coupons in the mail.

Ok...off to sleep.  Have a great night guys!!!


Eve said...

I'm so jealous! I'd love to see Lady Gaga! Be sure to tell us all about it..can you take pics? Probably not eh? Have fun!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks! I'm not sure. The venue says no cameras but they did not mention phones...hummmm....so I have video and camera options on my phone so hopefully I'll be able to take some footage of the concert. I have to go today and buy more eyelash glue...I'm going fully glammed up for the show : )