Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is how I feel today...sheeeshhhh

I love Bill Murray!!! I feel like I got slimed, Ray.
I feel like crap today. My mouth feels like it was hit by a truck.  OUCH!!!  I should be in bed.  Cedric is sick with an ear infection and I'm missing my hubby.  This weather has me down.  I need Eric and I need a hug like yesterday. He helps me out so much and I'm missing him like crazy.  Boo... I'm super happy I took Cedric to the doctor.  Poor little guy.  I hate he's sick.  He weighed a whopping 26 pounds.  He's such a chunky monkey. 

Off to take a hot shower and sleep.  Morning comes fast and I have a b-day to plan and kids coming over tomorrow morning.

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