Thursday, March 24, 2011

New phone thursday...

I plugged my cellphone in last night as I always do.  I tried turning it on this morning.  Nothing.  I took the battery out. Changed to a different charger, still nothing.  So I call the hubs on the home phone and he tells me to go to the sprint store.  I HATE going there, but I do.  Turns out my charger port went bad?  I ended up getting a new cell phone.  Thank goodness I still have the insurance on it was FREE : )  Always nice.  So all my trips today to the thrift stores yield no pics because I was waiting for my phone to be set up. I did see some nice finds, just not for my house.  I'm going to check out a kick ass store tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I find something.  I'm going to shoot a roller derby girl game Saturday.  I want to get some pics of my friend for my website.  Hopefully, I will be able to get close enough to shoot some of her.

I screwed up today.  I had to help the hubs out with the cub scouts since one of the leaders was out of town.  Long story short, I took a group of kids geocaching and ended up not entering the coordinates correctly. DUH, no wonder it didn't work...I only plugged in one coordinate not the pair.  Ummmm...I kept wondering why my compass kept pointing in the wrong direction.  Whhooopppppsssss...  The kids had fun and ended up finding the cache anyway so in the end no big deal. 

Ok, off to get the kids ready for bed...later ladies : )

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