Friday, March 4, 2011


The hubs is at the arcade expo.  I opted to stay home. I have ran all over town today.  I went to Joanns and Off Broadway shoes with Ceddy.  He said bye to everyone and tried his best to escape his stroller.  I looked for me a pair of shoes to wear to Gaga.  I found a pair I loved, but they hurt my feet in the store, and I know I'll have to walk and stand for hours so I'll stick with my boots.  I did end up buying some new running shoes that I adore.  They are super comfy so that's always a plus. I drug the kids to Michael's and Tj Maxx tonight. Spen did awesome helping out pushing Ceddy in his storller while I pushed a cart.  I came home and put my baby shower decorations up.  I really have no idea who I am fooling because I know they will get knocked down or fall down before Sunday.  I figure this will be a good start.  Tomorrow I have to figure out the food deal and make my mint chocolate chip cookie favors.  I asked myself what would I really want as a favor from a shower...and I answered with cookies!  Here is the recipe.  I have not made them myself, but a friend did and they are YUMMY.

Fingers crossed they turn out.

Tomorrow is the pinewood derby.  I hope Spen does well.  He worked hard on his car.  Eric really let him do a lot of it this year.  I have so much to do will be insane. Spen is super excited for tomorrow.  It's super cute.  He has told me a million times how excited he is for tomorrow.  He wants to go to the expo too.  He's such a little nerd, it's cute. 

I'm bored.  I should really be working out..or walking on my treadmill.  But my damn allergies have kicked my butt.

New art project once everything settles...

I really like these but I am cheap.  Things get broken or scratched in my house.  So I am going to try to make my own version of places that mean something to my family.
I have the perfect wall for one in my house.
I'm to climb into bed and watch something on the tv. 


Joe's blog said...

I'm jealous.
I WANT and NEED to be bored. Because I have so much to do that my head is about to explode :-)
I need some workout now because I spent too much time working, sitting in front of my computer.
I wish you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the boredom. It's good to have time for it.

Eve said...

Boredom is good sometimes...although if it goes on too long it becomes tedious and itchy. I Enjoy your blog! Love the art project! I want to make some of those..have a happy day, peace.

Nikki P. said...

Thanks guys! I spoke too soon of boredom I ran ALL day today. I hope you two have great weekends. Eve I'll post pics of the art project once I get a free moment. I saw a tutorial on how to make them : )EXCITED!!!