Saturday, March 26, 2011

Headache city...

Headache city is where I'm visiting right now.  I gave three boys haircuts (hubby included) today. I had one crier, one that refused to sit still and one who kept telling me I was hurting him.  I also went on a date with my little guy to a roller derby game.  My friend Nikki was playing in it tonight.  She ROCKED!!!  I made a huge mistake.  I got there early and posted up against the wall where I could get some good pics of her.  Well, Spen told me he was thirsty.  I told him in a few minutes I would get him a drink...well, the place was soon flooded with people and I couldn't send him off to get one, and I couldn't leave my spot or it would be consumed by the crowd.  Long story short...his thirsty soon turned to hungry and tears got involved. we left early and went to Mexico Tipico.  It was nice going out with just the two of us.  I need to have more mommy and Spen dates. 

I'm so to snuggle with the hubs.  Have a great weekend guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I found you on MBC and am following you. :) I'd love if you could return the favor.