Monday, March 28, 2011

A woman on a mission...

This evening I took the boys out in search of two things...a skate board for Spen and some fabric for me.  Needless to say we came home empty handed : (   I was looking for my chevron fabric.  I knew no where in Louisville would have it...and I was correct in my assumption.  I did find a FABULOUS place online that carries it in the color I want for only $9.99 a yard. Yay!!!  I want to update my office.  Right now I have white long grommet curtains.  But I want this pattern!!!

I also want to put shelves up on the walls.  I need to change out the art to some of the pics I have taken.  I figured I'm in this room a lot and I want it to be full of life.  I also need to buy a book case.  I need storage and I need to get organized!!!

I went to Toysrus and went blank on the skateboards.  Spen has a gift card from the GPs and he wanted a skateboard.  We decided to wait until Eric could take him and they could pick it out together.  I have no clue to which one would be best and all that jazz.  I totally froze...I had a cart that wouldn't push, a kid who kept taking his shoe off, and another one who wanted a $50 board...and I was burning up...I wore the wrong coat out...shhheeeshhhh.   So yeah, I froze, and we made the decision to let dad pick it out.  Hell, he still skateboards so he should be making this decision.  Not mom, the one who about broke herself the last time she was on a board.

Spen's 8th b-day is this Friday.  I can't believe it.  My little boy will be eight.  I swear I blinked and he grew up.  I adore my little man more than life itself.  Honestly, he is the best kid a mom could ask for.  Hands down ask anyone who knows him and they would sing his praises.  I'm truly blessed to have him as my son.  This b-day is going to be low key.  Usually, each year we have a big party but he chose a smaller get together.   We are going to have a few friends spend the night, go to lazer blaze, and then out to eat.  This shall be entertaining.

The fabric store yielded no purchases, but I did see some fun Spring fabrics. 

I love this fabric...I wish I had a home for it...
 Love it!
 I love this fabric!
 Fun girl fabric.
 I heart the pear fabric.

 Some of these would make fun aprons...if I cooked anyway...hahhahahaa...

 I liked the pattern of this.

 I don't know why I liked this print...but it's fun.
 Fun little girl prints.
 This would be a cute fabric for a baby sling.

 I love this green.
 This selection makes me what to make a whole bunch of throw pillows...too bad they would not go with anything in my house. BUT I could totally use it to be framed as art work...hummmmm....
 I love the dots.
 I love these little boots.

Heads up..JoAnns has their canvas on sale : )

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