Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chew chew chew...

Today was feeding therapy day with Ceddy.  He actually accomplished a HUGE milestone today.  He ate stage 3 food!!!  He gagged on a carrot but continued eating like a champ!!!  I was high-fiving him and cheering him on.

So...his therapist had an idea to put sprinkles on a plate and have him lick them off the plate like a dog.  The only way my kid would do this is by imitation. So we got on our hands and knees and proceeded to lick the sprinkles and act like dogs. Ummmm.... He looked at us like we were nuts.  The things you do for a child.  The goal was to get him to use his tongue.  He just laughed watching us and ran away.  He did steal a sprinkle or two....but no licking the plate.


I had no idea the mall does not open until 10am.  Wow...I live under a rock.  I had 1 hour to get my gaga outfit.  I found a top at forever21.  I LOVE their new store in the mall.  I still need to figure out my shoes.  I'm not going to buy any fancy or pricey jewelry just because there is a risk it may not make it home and I don't want to be bummed out.

It was creepy being in the mall in the morning.  The "walkers" were out...and of course I was dressed like one in sweat pants and baseball cap. 

I accidentally drove down my driveway wrong AGAIN!  This time on my neighbors side of the grass.  My nice neighbor.  I don't know what to do...send a fruit basket and a note promising I'll fix it?  I HATE my driveway...ok...let me rephrase that...I HATE backing out of my driveway.  

I have a million phone calls to make and a front door frame to paint so off I go.

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