Friday, March 25, 2011

A mom who is on the verge...

This is a total pity party consider yourself forewarned.

Current list of annoyances:
-My head hurts..
-Spen's asthma has reared it's ugly seasonal head at oh 2 am - 8 am this morning...
-I'm sleepy
- I have to go pick up prescriptions for said asthma.
- I have to plan Spen's B-day and he's is completely indecisive. I think he will have a few friends spend the night, go to lazer blaze and then out to dinner...sounds like a plan to me.
- Cedric has been in a bad mood all day.  You all know the mood...the ones where they buck back while you are holding them.  They refuse to do anything you want them to do. (eat, sleep, have a peaceful diaper change) The mood where kicking their shoes off at the store or throwing their toys out the car door is a riot to them...Yeah...that mood.

- and lastly, I have to take my cell phone back.  Yes, the one that was just replaced just yesterday.  My new cellphone (the same model I had) camera does not work on it.  It does not focus properly.  Everything is blurry on it.  I'm just so irritated.

Grrrrr...also Eric has to travel next week.  I think I might have some friends over to keep me company.  I'm just over this week!!!  Put a fork in me...I'm done...eyes rolling...

Oh a happy note.  I participate in a monthly book club that meets once a month at various locations depending on who hosts the meeting.  The person who hosts gets to pick the book.  Usually, we sit around drinking wine talking some about the book but more about our lives.  Soooooo...(giggling) I decided to spice it up.  My friend brought up female erotica novels at last weeks meeting.  I've never read one...hell, I've never read a romance novel.  But I'm tired of reading in depth books and my mind and emotions need a break (our last book was a page turner) I think it would be a fun change of pace.  I found a pretty in your face book of basically 20 different tales.  The book club consists of young women so hopefully, no one freaks out...hahahaha.  This shall be interesting.  I plan on also hosting a fantasy party after the meeting.  I'm going to invite a few friends who are not in the book club.  I've never hosted a fantasy party so this shall be interesting as well.  I've been to one though and it was fun. I'm waiting for a response from a vendor to settle on the date of the meeting/party. 

As soon as Eric gets home I'm going to run up to the Sprint store...funnnnnnnnnnn.....grrrrrr.....I could think of so many other ways I'd rather spend a Friday evening.

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