Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ok, not sure if any other moms out there do surveys for money.  But I do ; )  Tomorrow I am getting paid $100 to talk about dish soap.  I had some home work tonight (which was easy) and tomorrow I have to bring in a dirty dish to the survey place.  This should be interesting.  Let me know if anyone is interested in taking surveys and I'll give you the information on how to get started with them : )

Today while dropping my son off for a visit with my ex husband, I drove by an antique mall.  The hubs and I have been in there before but it was during the winter time and most the stuff was not our style.  But OMG today was full of lots of good finds.  Now, since I am doing my best and not spending money, this visit was merely window shopping.  Also, the vendors prices were not thrift store prices if you know what I mean.  I'm looking for a buffet/credenza for my dinning room, foot stool/bench and night stands.  I'm cheap so paying over $300 for any of those things are out of my budget. Especially with two little boys who destroy everything.    Below is my day trip in pictures...

 I love a good Shriner hat.

 Cute little dolls...dust collectors yes, but cute nonetheless.
 I kinda wanted the Wilma necklace.

 I LOVE these tables!!!

 I liked the seat minus the choice of fabric.
 Bobble head collection.

 I love chairs like would belong in a study...if I had a study.

 I adore gloves on ladies.  Now you only see them on little girls during easter : (

 Every woman should have a mink...I have a faux one : )

 I LOVE old boxes and containers.  I was good did not buy anything today.

I saw this and giggled...if ever a garbage can existed that looked like Oscar the Grouch was hiding inside, it was this one.

 I really really really wanted this..I adore DP....but I was good and did not buy it.

 I think there is a redneck home missing a statue somewhere in KY.

These chairs SCREAMED elementary school to me. They were cheap too.

 I love old clocks.

 I thought this would be cool painted black and put in my hallway upstairs with some funky pillows.

 I love old jewelry, but secretly I am afraid to buy it...I'm weird and afraid it's cursed or haunted or something...I'm a weirdo I know. Ha!

 While driving home I drove past the street we looked at a house on.  We looked at what seems to be a million homes before we settled on ours.  But the house below is merely a pretty house I would love to live in one day.  I LOVE old homes...and miss living in one.  I'm sorry but 1986 doesn't scream character to me (my current house).  I love houses with stories and little nooks and rooms that have their own character to them.
 OMG I also adore modern design.

My jaw hit the floor and my car went in reverse so I could stare at this beauty.  I'm jealoussssssssssssss...

I was trying not to be the weirdo lady snapping pics of this house, but you can see the back deck and balcony. Swoon...this is truly beautiful...
 This is the house we looked at buying.  The current home owners have fixed it up.  When we looked at it there was no real driveway, no paint, windows broken and two different families living in it.  It was over 100 years old and looked like it.  My hat goes off to the new owners.  They are doing a great job.


Mocha Mommy said...

My mom would go bankrupt on a day trip woth you. She ADORES antiques...

Nikki P. said...

Hehehehehe...I love antiques too, but I love saving money. I was good on this trip and did not buy anything. (It was hard)