Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I hate going blank.  Not being able to come up with words that fill the moment, mind or heart.   I think of my magazine and I have all these ideas for it...and I fall short.  I can't make it happen.  It's like I have writers block or stage fright.  I'm the choke artist on life.  I have big dreams of grandeur but not the ability to make it happen.  I take that back...I have the ability, just not the inner sinew to make it happen.  But faithfully, and whole heartedly I know I am where I should be.  I am sitting at my computer typing a blog while I should be off doing other things.  But that's ok.  Tonight I read another blog I follow and the writer spoke about it being ok to not be 100% all the time.  100% at anything makes one burn out can't simply immerse yourself into life and not be drawn here and there without having fragments of yourself or mind skipping away.  You can't always be present or perfect 100% of the time.  So it's ok to let the laundry pile up, car fill with left over coke bottles, nails become chipped, junk mail collect and all the other things you tell yourself you need to do but don't... it's life!  And life is meant to be lived.  Living sometimes consists of doing absolutely nothing but being...period... and in that being... just sitting still... doing nothing.  So here I sit, and it's nice : )

Silly notion of the day...

Southern accents...oh how I love thee.  I'm not talking about high pitch hillbilly.  I don't like twangs unless it's on old women...then it's cute.  But I adore a long drawn out southern accent.  It's a silly concept, but it's like home in someone's voice.  You trust them...unless it's coming from a fat man with heavy breath then it's just creepy and I take back all that I said. Hehehehe...that reminds me of the sheriff on the Dukes of Hazzard...creepppyyyyy.   But I'm referring to the long drawn out speech.  There is something in the cadence of a southern accent...almost like a song being sang.  It's soothing.  Once, I received a scholarship from a little old southern woman...I assume she was from Georgia or South Carolina...but her voice was so sweet.  She gave a speech as she presented the scholarship to me and I'll never forget her voice.  Her words escape me, but her voice will never. on a weird tangent I just went.

My hubby is currently working on his arcade in the middle of my kitchen. He has been waiting urgently for his new wires and do hickeys to arrive via Mr. FedEx man.  He has to have it up and running by Friday. Here is the article I spoke about him giving an interview for.  He's the "Eric Pullen, nerd..I mean arcade enthusiast... to bed I go...poor Eric will probably be up most of the night.

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