Friday, April 1, 2011

I can't believe it...

I can't believe my little guy turns 8 today.  It seems he was just a toddler running around begging to be picked up yesterday.  I will be completely honest and admit I cried uploading pics this morning.  He has grown so much.  I'm not sad or any of that jazz...( Ok maybe a little)  but it's more of those proud tears that you get when you see your child blossoming into an awesome human being.  I know I boast a lot about my kids and hubby, but I am truly proud of them.  Today is Spen's day and he deserves a parade!!!  My little guy is so strong and he has been through a lot in his little lifetime.  I feel so blessed to be his mom.  He has always been my sidekick.  He came into this world attached to my hip.  I grew up with him.  I had him young when I was 21.  I fumbled through motherhood in the beginning, but attached to my hip he always was.  From co-sleeping to baby carrying he has always been apart of me.  My little shadow.  He saved me, and made me fight for a better life for us.  I love this little person so his little soul, he is so warm and kind.   He will make someone a great husband and father one day.  I thank God for him.  

I'll never forget the doctors laying him on my chest and he actually lifted his head and rooted for my breast.  It was amazing to see and kinda freaky at the same time...hehehee...but nursing him there I knew my life would forever be changed....changed for the better.  I was now someone's "Mom"...a title I prayed for and gladly answer to.

Spen loves to dress up and I LOVE COSTUMES...I swear in a past life I was a costume designer...but here is my little sunshine dressed up for Halloween.  the boy LOVES KFC and we rarely ever have it which is one reason why it's so funny.   But he would have made the colonel proud...

 The Harry Potter phase...him and his dad are still in this one...hence his little brother "Cedric."

 He's funny...he loves to play pretend in get into character...

Every little boy needs a pair of lederhosen (tee hee).  The back story to these...I bought them from a thrift store on base at Fort Knox, my Dads side of the family is from Germany and we also used to live there when I was little so I thought it would be cool for my baby(whom I was pregnant with) to wear.  It took years for him to grow into them...but he was adorable in them.  I swear one day I will take him to Oktoberfest in Germany!
My cute cub scout : )
 Marty McFly.  My boy is OBSESSED with the 80's so this was his Halloween costume this year.  His little brother went as Doc Brown.

Sadly, I have a whole house to clean, baby to be bathed, cake to be bought, lunch to be bought and taken to school and birthday to celebrate.  Have a great day guys!!! 

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