Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Lazy...

I'm being lazy today.  I cleaned the house and ran a few errands...but nothing earth shattering.  I did score my new windows.  Yay!  They came out today and switched the wrong ones out.  I had family over and I ran Spen to swim lessons.  I ended up ended up going out for dinner.  All in all it was a good day.

This is a pic of me in my was a day for boots, a dress and a blue jean jacket kinda day.

My hubby's root beer.  Long story...and I'll explain in another post...(It's a lazy day)

I'm thinking about taking a sewing class.  I want to learn how to do upholstery.

Sometimes you just need to step back...catch your breath and then start things off with a fresh mind.  Tomorrow...I plan on getting things accomplished...until then...I'll be lazy.


Joe's blog said...

It's good to be lazy sometimes. I'm a bit jealous because I have so much to do before Italy... I'm always afraid to forget something very important I can't buy there.

Nikki P. said...

I'm jealous you are going to Italy ;) I'm just tired lately, it seems I'm always busy. Have fun on your trip!!!