Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enjoying the little things...

I am totally on a purchase high.  I know it's kinda sad and pathetic...but I bought my garbage bin I saw a few days ago today.  I ran back to T.J.Maxx and they still had it.  Swwwooonnnnn!!!  I know a very silly thing to get excited for.  But I wanted to brighten up the pantry.  I have an itty bitty one and I despised our old ugly garbage can.  So when I saw this one I fell in love.  I have to laugh at myself for having such strong emotions for a garbage bin. HA!  The hubs loves it too.  I picked up some shirts for spen and a book for ceddy while at the Maxx.  They will be filler Easter gifts.  I'm weird.

A silly pic from last night.  Spen was pretending to be hit by Ceddys monkey driving car.  Cedric was planning his escape.

It was so nice to go shopping without the kids today.  I ended up stopping by pier one.  I NEVER go in there. Usually I have two kids with me and that's torture for them and me.  I did see some cute overpriced stuff.   I also snagged a GREAT craft idea I will use on my other site.

Note to self...stop eating crap.  I would be at my goal weight if I did.  I am THREE pounds away from it.  I know I would be 125 if I stopped eating all the garbage I have been.  New project...get myself back on track with eating healthily and working out. I took some time off...aka...was lazy.  But I'm determined to be back in shape. 

I have a LONG list of projects to do today.  I want my cork board finished, and I also need to clean my office and bedroom.  Kinda looks like a hoarder lives here.  I want to put away all my baby stuff.  I'm on the fence about selling it or keeping it.  Maybe we will have another...maybe we won't.

Eric and I have also been talking about moving.  Pipe dreams I know.  But I want sunshine.  (Insert Dixie Chick song wide open spaces here) Ha.   Who knows what the future holds for us...maybe when the kids are older we will move.

Maybe we just need a trip.  I think we need one asap. 

Ok, off to write an article I go.  I hope everyone has a great day.


Joe's blog said...

I have a very similar garbage bin. Good choice.
I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

Nikki P. said...

Thanks : ) Wishing you a great Sunday as well! I saw your youtube video and loved it! You're adorable : )