Thursday, April 14, 2011

So much to little time...

I have a long to do list today...

- two photo shoots off B-town rd.

- Meeting with Cedric's dietitian.

- Go to Lowes and pick out molding for my cork's almost complete :)

- Hang freshly made art work : )  yay!

- Look up some how-tos' on a few things I'm interested in doing. 

- Then respond to emails, and phone calls....sheeeshhhh...most of this stuff has to get done before 2pm. 

I love decorating with color...I just wish I wasn't so scared of it.  I'm lame.  I looked around my kitchen last night and realized how truly monochromatic it is. I need a pretty colorful center piece for my table.  I found an AWESOME idea for my fireplace.   I'm thinking about covering the brick with wood paneling.  Hummmmm.....maybe.  The hubs is all for we shall see.  Although, he was not so much for the idea of pink and white chevron curtains in the office.  Honestly, I know he'd end up loving them...ha. 

Ok, off to get this day started...projects galore!!!  Have a great day guys!!!

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