Friday, April 15, 2011


Sometimes I wonder what goes through the people who advertise on craigslist minds?  They throw out terms like modern, antique, they really not understand those terms, or are they using them as a ploy to get you to view their ad?  I also don't understand why they think a couch they bought in 1978 is still worth it's original asking price.  I have to giggle and shake my head on some of the list prices.  I'm a craigslist junkie.  I was fawning over items for sale in California today.  They have so much better stuff : (  

Tonight we went to my nephews birthday party.  The kids went crazy and had fun.  I'm tired.  I have a long list of projects to do this weekend. 

I realized something today...I never really post my "pretty" pictures on here...usually it's snapshots from my cellphone.  Here is a link to my photography site...

click on the gallery to view my pictures...

Joe if you read this...I think you would like them. 

I have taken some time off from photography.  I miss it.  I might jump back in and start advertising more.  I want to get a babysitter and go around town snapping away.  I need new artwork in my house.  I get bored starring at the same old stuff.  I have to do a family photo shoot soon.  I also need to take Cedric's 18 month baby pictures.  That should be interesting.  I also have to shoot my friends baby pictures.  He's going to lose his wee little baby features. 

I want to get away...I need to.  I sense a road trip coming up : )  My gypsy spirit is yearning to see new sights. to snuggle with the hubs and maybe watch a movie...have a great weekend guys!!!

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