Monday, April 4, 2011

Tick tock...

This weekend in pics...(Side note, yes I am a photographer who owns VERY expensive equipment and yes I am fully aware of the crappy pics below...but geezzeee Louise it's so much easier to snap a cell phone pic rather than lugging around my other cameras.) Sorry for the crappy blurs...but 'Tis life : )

The aftermath of having 5 boys running around your house...this was just my kitchen table...basement and bedrooms are trashed as well.  But images like this just prove how awesome the party was. ha!

It was super cute, my neighbor told Spen she knew he had a great weekend...she said she could tell by all the little boys running around my yard. Ha.  Eric has a new project.  He wants to build Spen a tree fort.  I'm pretty sure it will happen later this spring.  I'm not sure who actually wants it more...spen or eric.  But I could see the kids heads EXPLODE playing in a tree fort...they would be over the moon.  I think every little boy needs a tree fort...and I think every middle aged man needs to build one...for their son...aka himself.  Needless to will be a fun project for the two of them. 

 Cutest little guy with dimples!!!
 Spen had fun with his cousins.  I need to take my nieces out for a manicure very soon.  I think that would be fun and they are at the fun age that they would enjoy it.
 Spen opening gifts.
 Spen being silly.
 Don't all kids hold gifts on top of their heads?

 Daddy multitasking...
 Spen and Eric playing a game.

 Cedric is freaking cute!

 Spen trying ot hit the jackpot.

 Daddy with a cheesy smile...
 Spen getting his air hockey on.
 He was a little hot from running around.
 My daredevil.
 Spen collecting his prizes.

I have so many things to do is one of them.  Boo!  I hate that.  The hubs and I are debating on taking a canoe trip with Spen later in the week.  That would be awesome!!!  I also want to go down downtown and do a photo shoot of just random scenes.  I want new photographs up in my house.  I'm bored.  I also need to shoot the boys portraits.  I'm so behind. to start my day...emails, phones calls, and updates galore.

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