Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My head is spinning with ideas...

I have so many ideas...such a little budget and time.  Ha!  As soon as Eric gets home I'm going to run up to Kosair.  One of my best friend's baby is in the hospital and she needs some support. 

On a happy note...Ceddy is back to his old BUSY self. 

I have so many craft projects going on in my head it's rather annoying.  I started painting my wood for my frame for the chalk board.  I bought a cheap little vase I'm going to paint as well.  I say the more the merrier.  I primed my board for the chalkboard.  Once it dries I'm going to hit it with a few coats of chalkboard paint.

My next project with be a cork board for the kitchen.  I need to find a fun frame.  I'm going to paint it white then find some cool fabric to cover the cork with.  Yay!  Love projects!!! to get ready for the hospital.

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