Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think I have lost my mind...

Ok, I think I must be crazy... I'm going to start my own booth at a local peddlers mall.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good deal and I love shopping along with crafting.  So the perfect combination.  I found out some details about a local Peddlers Mall and the hubs and I are going to look into it this week.  I scored some AWESOME finds today at a thrift store.  I could not believe them.  All the furniture was 75% off!!!  So I ended up spending around $50 total ( I bought some little apothecary jars too).

 These chairs were only $14 each!!!REAL WOOD!!!  I'm going to paint them and reupholster them.  It was super funny...while I was there I had three different ladies wanting` to buy them : )  Thankfully, I had already paid for them.  I'm keeping these chairs for me.  I'm going to put them in my bedroom once they have been spruced up.

This table set I scored for $17!!!  The chrome is in remarkable condition.  I plan on getting some mod fabric and reupholstering the seats.  The table top is in really good condition too.  Those  are some of the jars I bought today.  I also bought a milk glass vase.  I'm totally crushing on them right now : )

Ok...off to relax...I've been so busy all day.  Goodnight guys!!!

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Tiff said...

Oh.. I am so jealous and thankful we don't have anything like that around here.. my house would be full of similar purchases!