Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am spent...

We went out for pizza and games with the family today.  Spen was spoiled with awesome gifts and money...he's so lucky.  He had a blast as did everyone else.  We then ran over to a thrift store and peddler mall in the area.  I'll upload pics later of the day...I'm way too tired.  We spent the evening playing Monopoly (the electronic version, which is by far wayyyyyyyyy better!!!).  I want to crawl in bed and fall asleep...the hubs has other plans...he wants to watch a scary movie.  Ummmm....not tonight.  My nerves are shot and the mixture of horror and my nerves would end in disaster.

I'm super duper excited!!!  I get to meet my friends baby tomorrow.  I'm so excited for her.  I'll probably lug my camera with me and take some shots.  I can't wait to meet the little guy.  I love babies.  I told the hubs I want one more.  I'm a nerd and have baby fever.  Not right now of course...but in a few years.  If we could, we would have a house full of kids.  We actually have been talking about the subject lately and we know for a fact we will foster when the kids are gone or in college.  I want to foster teenagers.  It breaks my heart to think of kids out there never knowing love or how awesome they are.   I couldn't foster little ones.  I'd weep when I had to send them home, but with teenagers, I could give them my cell and let them know I'd be there for them.  How do you do that to a 3 month old?  You can't...and that would break my heart.   My hubby is awesome and has a huge bleeding heart like we discussed it and we want to help the older kids out.  We want to show them their potential and help give them a chance at life.  Right now while my kids are still so little it would not be safe or fair for them.  A lot of the kids come with challenges and I would not want  to expose my kids to that.  I've been debating on volunteering with a local youth group.  Long story there...but I'm thinking once summer starts and I have more free time, I will.    

It's funny...the hubs has a new toy.  He's been playing with his company ipad.  He's in love with it.  I like it...from what I've seen of it anyway...kinda hard to pry it away from him. Heh...  It has a lot of cool features and usages I like.  I sense a purchase in Eric's future.  He could use it a lot in cub scouts. So many apps that could help his meetings run smoother. 

***Useless fact of the day***I think I am one of the few people who could care less about the final four. 

Ok, off to bed I go. 

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