Monday, April 25, 2011

That's what I get for being pro active...

I went a little overboard with the carpet fresh...ummm...yeah I have coughed all evening since I vacuumed up or shall I say caused a horrific cloud of good smelling dust to spread upstairs like a horrific dust storm.  I sooo need a new vacuum.  This is like our third vacuum in the last 5 years.  Either I'm buying crappy ones, or I just keep breaking them.  Shhheeeshhhh...but at least our bedrooms smell good...I'm sure you can smell them from my front door.

***EXCITED***  The hubs is all for the bedroom makeover.  Yay!  Now to figure out the paint and get energy to make it happen. 

Tomorrow is our dentist appointments.  It's funny but I try to schedule Eric and mine together so we play tag team with Cedric.  He freaks out now...and having a screaming kid on your stomach while getting your teeth cleaned is not the most comfortable.  Last time I tried taking him...and it was kinda comical.  Thankfully, I have the worlds best dentist and she rocks so she is cool with Cedric's melt downs.

Tonight I did a little mommy no no...I let the boys decorate these little plastic figures.

It's funny I showed Cedric how to color on the foot of the figure...he thought that's where he had to  color...notice one foot is almost solid.  Spen didn't get to finish his...bedtime called.

He was so studious with his coloring.  I LOVE IT!!!  Notice he colored himself...yeah...the face markings came off...the belly did not.  Thank God for shirts : )

My handsome little man : )

I had to laugh tonight at Spen's swim class...gotta love technology.  I will admit I totally play around with my cellphone too...but I had to capture this new phase of Americana.

I wonder how Norman Rockwell would have depicted this?

I will admit I added new stations on pandora today during the class.  I had an awesome ride home listening to The Shirelles, Temptations, John Denver,The Mamas& the Papas and She& Him.  Sometimes, you need feel good music on a crazy drive home.  It was nice though to come home to a meal waiting for me.  Eric had made dinner.  We listened to some oldies and goofed off with the boys.  A fabulous ending to a good day : )  

Good night : )

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