Friday, April 8, 2011

*** Rubs eyes ***

My niece spent the the kids have been running around having fun (acting crazy).  I'm glad Spen had someone to play with.

I've decided what I'm going to do with the dresser.  Stain it!!!  I'm going to attempt to anyway.  I want it to somewhat match my dining room table.  The wood is in too good of condition to paint over it.  I'm not one of those non-wood painting nazi's.  I just can't bring myself to cover up the wood.  It's too nice.  So with that said, I'm going to try to find the "perfect" stain this weekend.  Ha.  I HATE staining with a passion.  But I'll roll my sleeves up and sand that bad boy down at some point this weekend.  I'm almost done with the chalk board for the kitchen.  The hubs has to help me.  I'm horrible with miter cuts.  It was so funny...yesterday I sent a text to the hubs to see if I should buy the dresser.  I ALWAYS have buyers remorse about stuff. So I was trying to see his opinion. I  was worried there was something wrong with it, or it would not fit in my dinning room.  I usually always have a tape measure in my purse (yes, I'm weird), but did not have it on me yesterday. I also had three kids with me.  Cedric decided to grab this woman as she walked by.  It was rather funny but scared the bejesus out of her.  Poor thing was old...but it was funny.  I was trying my best to look the piece over while chaos was happening. So I sent the picture text to the hubs and he was busy teaching a class so I had to go with my gut.  Eric came home and picked it up and was over the moon about it.  He LOVES mid century design, so he was excited I bought it.  Especially after googling it and seeing how nice it really is.  Yay, for spot on deals. 

Eric wants to take us canoeing this weekend.  I can't wait to go.  I think it will be a blast.  It depends upon the weather though.  I'm not sure if it's going to rain. I love being outdoors. 

I'm super excited.  I found a company that will supply me with a product to do a giveaway for my other site!!!  Yay!!!  I need to find more sponsors.  I plan on doing the give away very soon.  Speaking of that...I have to go send them an email back.  Stay tuned for the details on that. 

Have a great day's gorgeous go out and enjoy it!!!

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Joe's blog said...

In Germany it's not gorgeous outside but I think I will go out anyway. As every saturday.
I wish you and your lovelies a wonderful weekend!