Monday, April 11, 2011

And this is why we cannot have nice things...

Ha...Famous last words in my house.  From the moment I hung my knock off transportation art...Cedric ran around the corner and had his little hands wrapped around it.  He was in the process of trying to rip it off the wall...yeah that was less than 24 hours of having it hanging up.  Today, the little man poured his red juice down his new chalkboard.  He has started to do something rather cute, but very hard on me.  Whenever I correct him he instantaneously runs over to me, hugs me and gives me kisses.  He totally knows how to play his momma.  With the juice incident, I raised my voice saying his name and he stopped, ran over to me...I knelt down to get into his eye level, then he places his cheek against mine and stands perfectly still.  Cheek to cheek...then he slowly puts down his sippy cup and gives me a hug and a kiss.  He knows how to pull at my heart strings.  I swear a little light switch has been flipped on inside this little guy and he is on go time.  He keeps me busy and entertained throughout the day.  Shhheeesssshhhh...

I have a long to-do list sitting in front of me.  I'm kinda avoiding it.  I need to email and call some people back along with finishing my taxes.  I'm really hoping Eric can figure it out and I will not have to make a visit downtown to the IRS for help tomorrow.  Fingers crossed he can. 

Spen's swim lessons start tonight.  He likes them.  I'm going to take Ceddy with me tonight...this shall be interesting.  He'll probably want to get in the water.  I still need to sign him up for diaper dips.  I'm so behind on things...geezzzz.  I want both the boys to be strong swimmers. 

We had a good time this weekend.  We went hiking yesterday.  The boys LOVED it...minus the fear of wasps.  For some reason they were EVERYWHERE!!!  Eric carried Cedric on his back in his hiking carrier, and spen walked between us.  I'm always bringing up the rear.  We usually do that to watch out for the kids.  Eric goes first and I can see how Spen and Ceddy are.  I want to take the kids to the pacific northwest some time.  I joked with Spen and told him I wanted to show him where the goonies lived. I think it would be awesome to hike up there.  When the kids are older I plan on hiking a little of the AT with them.  I hear it's pretty who knows where we would actually start at. I LOVE hiking and being outdoors.  I just HATE wasps and bees.  I'm allergic so that's my main reason.  I missed Hawaii this weekend.  I want to go back there.  Hiking was awesome there.  It was such a cool experience to hike to a hidden waterfall.  I'm getting the traveling fever again.  No idea where we will go next.  I'm thinking about taking a trip with Eric to Chicago in May.  I want to go back one more time before my friend moves.  Maybe just a weekend getaway.  Who knows...we shall see.

Project of the week...frame new artwork.  I'm so behind on framing and printing things out it's nuts.

Ok...I've avoided work long enough. 

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