Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biggest Scare of my LIFE!!!

Ok, last night was an awesome night in the beginning.  Eric came home from work, we went out to dinner.  I had two different women at the restaurant come up to our table just to tell us how adorable Cedric was.  He is, so I completely understand...heh.  Spen was spending the night with my mom so it was just us three out.  We came home...I was on a new purchase high and the hubs and I were getting ready to hang my picture.  Cedric was running around the house as he always does.  I turned my back to pick up my picture and Eric ran downstairs to get a hammer and some nails from his work room.  I then HEARD IT!  Super fast thuds on the steps. Ones I have never heard. I turned around and saw the basement door open. My heart lunged out of my chest.  I prayed let it be Eric having ran down the steps.  I open the door to see Cedric my 17month old laying on the ground picking himself up. Eric scooped him up in his arms and ran up the steps with him.  OMG this was actually happening.  He started to cry as we looked him over. Eric put him in my arms.  I did the check list of mommyhood.  Looked at his pupils, listened to him breathe, and started going over every trick he could do. (making sure he was mentally there)  He remembered the 123 go, his hi's, his high fives, everything.  He was calm and back to normal faster than I was.  Eric said he saw his roll down the bottom two steps onto the floor.  Thank God our basement steps are padded with carpet and so is the carpet in the basement.  He had barrel rolled all the way down and was picking himself up by the time Eric got to him.  Eric had shut the door, but apparently it had not latched.  Cedric is pretty opportunistic and ran with the opportunity to go see where dad was.  It was a matter of seconds and he was down them.  I swear I can't praise God enough with him being fine afterward.  I can't go there mentally, to think what could have been.  The hubs was AWESOME.  I actually shrilled and did jazz hands as I completely lost it. Eric went into EMT mode and took care of the situation. We took him to the new Kosair hospital just to have him looked over.  He was literally running down the hallways in the ER triage.  The nurses loved him and played with him.  But also commented on how "busy" he was.  They were like OMG he's fast and he is.  I swear he's our own little Johnny Knoxville. This kid has NO FEAR!!!  He was pushing the doctor out of the way to open the door and try to run away.  The doctor was awesome.  She reassured us we weren't the worst parents on the planet and it happens.  She said stairs are actually the best falls.  She said it's gradual.  It's the drops that do damage.  But he was fine.  I just am physically sick thinking about it.  My nerves are shot!!!  I stayed up all night watching him and shining my cellphone light on him to watch him breathe. can do more things.

I'm also super worried about my friends baby.  Things are going on...and I'll post later about it. to start this day.

Off to get coffee and try to wake up.


Savannah said... daughter fell down the stairs on new years day, then again a few days ago going head over heels (she's not quite 2 now). glad he's ok! (btw, found you through the blog hop..look forward to reading your posts!)

Nikki P. said...

Thanks! It's crazy how fast these little guys can be! I'm following your blog...thanks for stopping by : )