Monday, April 25, 2011

Excited!!! me a sucker for a fairytale story but I am so excited for the royal wedding!!!  I think every little girl has the dream of marrying a prince and being whisked away into a charming life as a princess.  I know now as an adult the fairytale soon fades and reality sets it...but it's still nice to dream : )

I will have my tissues handy and cup of tea by my side!!!  I love a beautiful wedding...and I adore the royals!!!   I cried just watching Elton John talking about Princess Diana this morning so I am sure I will weep like a baby during the procession of events.  I remember sobbing during her death. (I was OBSESSED with the royals when I was a girl/teenager) I'm sure I would be the old lady collecting all the royal dinnerware if I lived across the pond  :) 

Only bringing it out for special occasions and to show it off to all my old lady friends. 

It's funny when I was a teenager I had a yield to the Princess license plate holder on my moms car (We had to share.)  It was funny to see a grown woman driving around with it on there...hahahahaa...sadly if I still had it I would totally sport it on my wagon. I had books, magazines and posters of Di and prince William.  So you can only imagine how excited I am...yes...I am fully aware of how big of a nerd I am. I'm tempted to get a group of my friends together to watch the event...sounds like fun!!!  Ok, I had to share my excitement : )

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Eve said...

I'm excited for it too! Seems like not that long ago Diana was carrying William out of the hospital, and now here he is getting married. I've got my PVR set cause it starts at 1am my time. I'm in western Canada. It's gonna be great!