Thursday, April 14, 2011


It seems I have not sat still today.  I only managed to wiggle in one photo shoot today.  I'll do another one tomorrow.  I miss the Highlands.  That's where I was today.  Walking down Bardstown Road pushing my little guy with the sunshine on my face...melts my heart.  I love it there and miss it terribly.  Now, I don't miss the crime, traffic and crazy property tax.  The store owner was super sweet and kind.  Days like this what makes me love what I do.

The perks of driving a usually can park anywhere and they won't tow you or care.

I totally did not go to that guy's office.

I ran to TjMaxx and came out empty handed.  They were putting more garden stuff out.  I'm on the hunt for two white vases for my entry.  I may need to hit up the thrift stores.

Cute little tables...

 I love the concept of mail holders...I'm just a junk hoarder and they would be overflowing...losing their prettiness.
 Loving the retro beach umbrellas.
 Pretty colorful plates...makes me want to have a dinner party.

 I love it...and will have to mock this somehow...hummm...

I then ran to Lowes...and bought a 12' piece of trim for my cork board.  This was comical. It took me a second to remember I drive a the hatch does open...duhhh...and I won't have to put it ontop of my roof.

Came home and had a meeting with Cedric's dietitian.  She was super nice. From her departure I ran and picked Spen up fed him, and got him ready for scouts.... then monkeyed around with a design I saw and made my own.  I had the hubs help me cut the pics to fit...and hung them up in the office : )

I ended up changing the coffee this one : )

This week has FLOWN by.  It seems it was just the weekend.  I have another photo shoot tomorrow...YAY!!!

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