Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enjoying the now...

I love when you are able to do this. (For me it's usually a fleeting moment) I love when you can forget about the laundry waiting to be folded, the house that needs to be cleaned, and the bills that need to be paid.  I love that moment when everything is forgotten and you can just simply snuggle up with the loves of your life and live in that moment.  I had those moments last night.  It was nice to just lay on the couch with the kids and the hubby.  Not a care in the world...and enjoyed each others company.

After the kids went to bed we watched a documentary last night about of all things testosterone.  But that was just the topic, the meaning of the documentary was much deeper than that.  It got Eric and myself to talking.  When is enough, enough?  It seems so many people chase after the next big thing.  They will be happy if they purchase this.  If their house looks like this, if they had this certain car or if their body looked like this.  When do they find happiness and more importantly could they be able to enjoy it?  When is enough enough?  I know I'm guilty of this on occasion.  I'm forever chasing home decor or a body image that changes daily.  Living in the now is the hardest concept to obtain and truly practice.  To be happy with your life and ok with what you have.  I'm all for transcendentalism and rising above...but geezzzz capitalism on crack will only leave you with a bottle of antidepressants and hand full of bills.  Finding happiness within is the true meaning in life, not the car you drive or the clothing on your back.  Being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, not thinking about what you want next is a hard pill to swallow for some people.  It was sad watching that last night on tv..I totally get it though.  It's our society, it's what we consume daily, more is better and better is much better than the norm.  Eric and I are going to try to purge some household non-essentials.  They're simply things and like I said I get it.  Everything in moderation is ok.  It's when you cannot be happy without having more when it becomes a sickness.  With this said...I think the world would be a better place if everyone took a moment to breath and look around to see the blessings they have...not what they do not have : ) (self included on this)

 I love my hubby.  I love that he listens and gets me.  I have a gypsy spirit with a mind full of ideas and no knowledge how to make them happen.  I've been wanting to go back to school.  I had wanted to go back for a 6 year program, but honestly, I just don't see how that would be possible.  We would not qualify for student aid and I'm not sure if I would have to take out personal loans to attend UK.  Adding two kids onto this and a possible third and I just don't see when I would have time.   (The third is a possible future baby...ha)  So I told him I thought about going back for graphic design.  I"m pretty good at it having NEVER been formally trained....but I love design, I love computers, and I love creating.  So, I get this phone call this morning as I'm rushing in from taking Spen to school.   It was Eric asking me if I was at my computer. had a hand full of baby...hehehee.  So I ran upstairs and sat down to find a skype message waiting for me.   Eric said he had been researching graphic design schools for me and found the perfect program for me.  My personal assistant...heheheheee.  He's funny and adorable.   So long story short he did find the perfect program.  It is advertising design and it incorporates EVERYTHING I love.  Art, photography, and graphic design along with advertising. It also covers website design.  Something I LOVE!!!  So I plan on looking into it and discussing it more when he gets home.  Who knows where this life journey will lead me  : )

Ok, off to get this day started : )

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