Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So much to say...

Ok...I've been M.I.A. the past few days because I have beyond busy.  From buying Christmas presents to returning Christmas presents.  Sheeshhh...I'm totally jingle belled out.

The cookie exchange was a blast!  I only snapped a few pics while baking and before the party actually got going.  I ALWAYS forget to take more.  I'm such a dummy. There were such yummy cookies. I could kick myself...but I was enjoying the party needless to say.  I do have some fun photo booth pictures to update once I figure out how to transfer them.

 I ended up having to have Spen's glasses repaired because his lovely little brother decided to headbutt him during the cookie exchange.  Funnnn....the kids all had a blast and played downstairs.  I personally ate too many sweets and got sick. Note to self...lay off the cookies.

I love this's completely not PC, but hey, we live in Kentucky so why not find humor in it ; )  We had fun playing it.  I HIGHLY recommend it if you like to play board games and love laughing at redneck humor.  Sadly, it hit home a few times ; )

OMG YUMMY...Joe picked this up and Eric and myself are in love.  Mix it with coke and it's truly a dangerous combo.

Insert swift kick in the ass...I only took a few pics of cookies. Amanda made these.

Chocolate covered cherry cookies...yes...they were AWESOME!!!

I cannot believe Christmas is so close.  I still need to pick up gifts and stocking stuffers.  I made a vow to myself that this year no filler or junk stuffers.  I'm only going to get things the kids will play with or use.  I'm bad about buying on whims.  Usually, it doesn't end well.

We have a busy weekend planned ahead of us. Field trip Friday, a birthday party and boys project not to mention shopping/date night.  I'm excited I get to try out a new restaurant I've been dying to go to.  I feel so bad for Eric.  He has been working crazy hours at work.  He has been working basically non-stop for the past month.  I'm scared he's going to get sick working so hard.  I told him not to worry about a Christmas gift for  me.  I got an email about Macy's big sale today so I went there. did everyone else in the city.  I have been in need of comfy fast to put on shoes.  It's sad, but my life has now become that.  Buying things that are easier for the days I have to rush out the door.  Well, I found a pair of boots I loved online only to hate them in the store. The fit was not comfy. I ended up with a pair my friend has.  I call her my fashion/makeup guru.  She knows what's in style before most people (including myself) and she will gladly give her opinion on her buys.  Kinda like my own personal cosmo mag : )  hehehehehe....well, I loved her boots and they simply zip up...easy enough, but super stylish and cute.  I have issues with shoes that have height to them lately because right now Cedric is in his running phase.  You should see me in my wedge booties chasing after him.  Fun sight. 

Here are the ones I bought...Can't wait to get them in the mail (they didn't have my size at the store)

SUPER cute and funky ; )

My niece had her dance recital last weekend.  Too cute for words.  

Just reaffirms my need/want of a little girl ; )

Ok my mind has purged long enough and I'm sure this blog entry is a rambling of madness.  I'm so sleepy.  Off to cuddle with hubs and then sleep.  

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