Friday, December 2, 2011


Nothing shakes you to the core like a death does.  This morning I read that a wonderful man passed away last night.  He was a great guy, husband and father.  I'm in shock still and I just hate it.  My heart is breaking for his wife and daughter.  I know he is in a better place, but it still does not change the fact that a giant hole has been made in that family.  His wife is a super strong woman, but I know she is hurting.  I pray God is with her and carries her through this time.  His poor daughter.  If you guys have read my blog long enough you have seen me talk about my son's crush.  This is her.  Spencer adores this little girl.  She is bright, intelligent and so funny.  Her dad was so proud of her.  I pray that God stays with her and keeps her strong.  How does an 8 year old wrap their mind around this? I just truly hate it for them.  This is where your mind wonders to all the jerks of the world.  All the mean and cruel selfish people that are walking around carefree and it injects the why not them factor.  Life isn't fair.  I texted my husband the news. I couldn't call because he is in important meetings all week. His response was one of the many reasons why I love him so much.  He called seeing how Spencer was.  He knew this was the first death that would affect him.  He wanted to know how he was handling it.  I can honestly say my mind didn't go there.  I was crying for Amanda, and Abby.  I love my husband so much and days like this make you appreciate the ones you have in your life.  I talked with Spencer and we decided to get Abby a card.  Spencer liked that idea.

Yesterday was also a hard day because I lost a dear friend 11 years ago in a car accident.  Last night I about lost it telling the cub scouts safety rules.  One was pertaining to always wearing your seat belt and it hit me.  My friend lost her life because she simply didn't put it on.  She was such a sweet spirit.  She set me up on my first blind date.  I ended up yelling at her afterwards...hehehee.  She failed to mention a lot of factors about the guy.  I used to call and pretend to be her mom at school so she could leave school early.  I'll never forget the night it was storming and we were camping in a cabin with school.  We were both terrified of the storm.  Two teenage girls huddled up together on the bottom bunk.  I used to visit her grave and talk to her.  I haven't in years.  I feel awful for that.  I need to soon.

If anything you get from this rambling of a blog post is hug and love the ones you hold dear.  Set aside indifference's.  Life is too short for BS of everyday happenings.  Also, send some warm vibes or prayers to Amanda and Abby.  They need to be surround by warmth and love right now.

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