Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Hello, 2012. It's insane how much has happened and how much has stayed the same this year.  My two beautiful boys grew taller, smarter and faster this year.  I think I grew slower.  Friends have gotten engaged, moved, and graduated from college.  Our house has taken on different looks and become more of the home we have envisioned.  I celebrated 5 wonderful years with my husband and turned 30.  My youngest outgrew his eating disorder!  A HUGE triumph in my book.  My little guy was able to eat cake at his birthday party : )  I went on some fun trips and made lasting memories.  All in all 2011 was a very kind year to my family.  I have to pay respect to the ones who passed on.  I pray the ones that feel the pain from their passing find peace and joy in the year to come.  I know they will never be forgotten.

I'm excited for the new year.  I'm not going to make any new years resolutions but rather goals ; )  Shout out to Vanessa for this idea @ : ) I love the idea of not tying yourself to completely change but rather setting obtainable goals.  Goals have a much more positive imaginary than the word resolution.  I like to envision bettering oneself...and I know they both mean the same thing...but I like the word goals better ; )

2012 New Years Resolution Goals:

~ Create more art...either from knitting, jewelry making, painting, sketching or any other medium...just create MORE : )

~ Exercise and eat better.  Eric and I are really serious about this one.

~ Be a kinder more understanding person.  I try to be more understanding, but sometimes frankly, I'm not.

~ Recycle more!!!

~ Get organized: closets, cars, office, drawers, basement and craft/work room.  I'm tired of never finding anything I need or knowing where an item is.  I also am tired of my closets busting at the seams.

~ Go on a trip to somewhere new.  I try to do this each year.  I love a good adventure.

~ Get Cedric potty trained : )  We started today and he has already gone twice in it : )  Insert the pee pee potty dance....yup I went there ; )

~ Love more and love the people who need it.  AKA the jerks, the brats and the mean people.  Obviously, they're hurting inside.

~ Volunteer more!

~ Work more.

~ Pay off bills!!!  I have one credit card left and would really love to have no debt.

~ Finish the plethora of house projects I have concocted.

~ Throw more awesome parties with friends and family.

~ Lastly, live and be happy.

I would like to wish all my blogging buddies out there an amazing New Year!!!  I hope it's filled with good health, friends, family, love and warm hugs all the year through : )  Make 2012 the year you are you, and follow your heart and dreams!!!

PS...don't forget to kiss someone at can be your hubby, your babies or your fur babies...just seal it with a kiss for good luck : )

Goodbye 2011....

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