Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's calm here after the storms of procrastination subsided..

procrastination... I truly think if you were to look it up in Websters dictionary my smiling face would be placed right beside the word.  I pulled an all nighter last night editing pics.  Stayed up to 3 something. I'm weird, but I have to be inspired to edit and play with pics on the computer.  If I'm not inspired it's torture. 

I think I'm going to walk to pick Spen up from school today...it's going to be such a pretty day out.  I need to hit the treadmill today too.  I indulged a little too much this past week...and my pants are reminding me so.

I think I'm going to yet again attempt to take Cedric to baby hour at the library. Hopefully, we can make it this time.

This new year I am going to get super organized and kick my office's butt and start up my magazine.  I'm tired of the clutter.

My kitchen curtains are somewhat finished, minus the bottom hem.  I'm on the fence about them.  I like them one minute and am unsure the next.  I need some new curtains in my family room and throw pillows. Today is a day I wish I had some fun fabric to make new throw pillows : )  They're always a nice cheap fix to a boring room.

Ok...off to slumber I go.  Praying all is well with my brother in law today.

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