Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011...

Cedric with his new mini!!!  How freaking cute!!!  He LOVES it as does my husband.  A mini is one of his dream cars. He actually tried talking me into buying one a few years ago as a family 

My house looks like a bad episode of Hoarders.  I keep expecting a knock at the door and a camera crew along with Dr. Z to burst through.  I will proudly proclaim I attempted to clean the Christmas Aftermath up.  I collected all the boxes, paper and gift bags and threw them away.  Ok, that was a lie...I totally kept the gift bags...everything else I tossed.  Gift bags are like receiving two gifts in one....especially if the name tag isn't used.  hah...I joke with my friends and family about this.  Often times we trade back and forth the same bags.  I need to figure out where to house these toys.  It's pretty insane.  I need to figure out some type of storage for these toys.

This was a great Christmas!!!  I loved that the kids had a truly magical one.  Eric and I totally suck and gave each other our gifts before Christmas.  But the kids...we made magic happen.  I played it up to Spen that I was clueless to what he would be getting.  That it was all in Santa's hands and I only got him a few gifts.  Cedric just knew Ho Ho was coming...and no real concept of what that meant.  Christmas morning came and my kids had the best reactions on their faces    : )

Take note to the left hand corner...that is a GIANT BALL! 

 When they came into the family room...they saw IT...It was the giant red ball you can climb in and roll around in.  OMG best thing EVER!!!  Spen dove in and Cedric soon followed.

This is how Cedric spent the morning...either lounging playing with his trains or riding in his car.

I swear he is so adorable!!!  (and he knows it ) It's funny I have people stop me all the time telling me he should be a child model.  It's a sweet thought...but no way.  My child hates having his photo taken.  I had to explain this in line the other day at TJ Maxx.  Spencer used to get the same thing.  My oldest was a beautiful baby and toddler.  It was funny with him.  People were more forthright.  It was kinda comical. 

Spen inside the giant ball.

 This is where Cedric stayed during the present opening. He wouldn't budge.

He would climb in and out. Over and over again.

Spen and his spy gear stuff. He loved it!

I wish I had known Cedric would have taken to the drums so well. I would have bought a better set.  He LOVES them.  He rocks out and sings...too cute!!!

Eric bought Spen this.  He was super excited!!!

I do this every year.  Notice the powder foot prints.  They are Santa's magical prints from the fire place.  Every year I end up hurrying and cleaning them up because the "magical powder" gets EVERYWHERE!

 This is the face of a child who got the gift he has "always" wanted...I love it!

Funny story, these are a few things from Spen's stocking.  I'm evil and refuse to buy honey buns.  They are so full of fat, calories and sugar.  But Santa...Santa does what he wants.  Hehhehehe...Spen LOVES honey buns so he was over the moon when he saw them. 

The ring to rule them all...The Lord of the Ring Ring. Spencer was soooo excited.

Finally we were able to drag Cedric away from the car and Spen helped him open gifts.

Cedric had to share his toys with his best new buddy....the car.  It's funny my friend explained the reasoning behind this to me with psychology.  It was rather interesting (he's a psych professor) 

Look to the left...that's the ball...and it has been moved back and forth from the kitchen to the family room.

He is TOTALLY not ready.  But when he is...I will be prepared.  I looked at all the "fun" potty chairs...but this one was simple and easy to use.  I also figure he would not be scared of it.  We are having toilet fear right now and I didn't want to get anything that he would freak out to sit's completely normal to sit on a frog...hummmm....

My two boys...being two little boys.  I love it!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday!!!  

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