Friday, December 9, 2011

Who has the best Hubby in the world???

I do I do...Ok, I will totally own up to the fact I lost my shi*t today.  It was completely over something I am embarrassed to admit. Eric drove my car last night and lost my reindeer antler.  I know super dumb and beyond any reason to be pissed...but I was.  The kids love them...and secretly I do too.  Well, I called Eric this morning pissed off.  I was not going to be one of "those" cars driving around with one antler.  (Ok, as I type this blog I am feeling super guilty and devastatingly dumb for having such a silly reaction to an antler)  But I digress...I kinda went off on him losing my antler to which he COMPLETELY denied.  Long story short...I went to the store by my house to discover they are sold out of them.  So after running my errands for the day Eric calls me.  He says that he picked me up a new set.  He left on his lunch break to buy me some.  Drove all the way across town and had to go to two stores.  It's the little things that impress me : )  Yay for a two antlers and an awesome hubby!!!  I totally feel bad for being mad.

I need to get ready for my cookie exchange.  It's TOMORROW...I still need to buy all my supplies and clean my house.  EEKKKK...not looking forward to that!

Eric was DETERMINED to move our old couch to the basement last night.  I doubled over in laughter watching him try.

He tried EVERY way one point it was stuck with him on the other side of it.

Finally, he realized if he TWISTED the couch...don't ask me how he did would fit...

I totally gave him a you proved me wrong congratulatory apology and high five!  

Earlier yesterday I got an urgent call from Eric telling me I had to get to the goodwill in Shelbyville.  There was a Coleco Vision spotted there yesterday. He had seen on some gaming forum telling all about it.   Keep in mind Shelbyville is a couple towns over...and I had NO IDEA where the Goodwill was there.  Long story short...I got there, I bought all the crap in a knot that went with it and a ton of Atari and Coleco Games.  He was over the moon with it : ) 

Best of actually the drive wasn't in vain and I'm happy Eric now has another gaming system to add to his collection.  The things a wife does to make her hubby happy.

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