Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sooo slleeeeppppyyyy...

I need coffee like yesterday!

One of my best friends came into town this week so all my friends got together.  Sushi, champagne, and  mint chocolate chip ice cream did not sit so well on my tummy. I'm getting old. It was great seeing my friends though.  Two of my friends are funny when they get together.  One is a psychology professor and the other is training to become a therapist so they have interesting conversations.  I did learn of a crazy personality survey.  It's called Implicit Association Test ...visit the site to see all the fun things you can learn about yourself.

We also celebrated my other bff's engagement.  I'm so happy for her!  Nope, she was not even tipsy...she just loves a good ball pit...heheheee.  I don't blame her...I've been in there myself.

Cedric LOVESSSS the ball pit as does everyone.  My sister gave it to him. As much as he loves it...he also LOVES to throw the balls out of it.  Guess what my new job has become : )

I took the kids to the library the other day.  I told Spencer he could pick out whatever book he would like.  This is what he got...

He is 8 and has high hopes...heheheee.  It is insane how much he is like my husband.  We did not get together until Spencer was 3 but OMG they are like little clones of each other.

The year is soon coming to an end and I am making myself a set of promises on things I would like to change or do this year...

- Read more.  Actually start going to my book club meetings.

- Have more date nights with the hubs.  

- Go hiking and camping more.

- Travel more...go to a place I've never been.

- Finish house projects.  I have a list out the door.  I need to finish the theater room asap.  Poor Eric has been waiting on this for years.

- Get in shape.  I want to reach my goal weight of 120-125.  I got down to 126...but can never crack that number.  Yes, I know it's "just" a number...but my ego really wants to be 125...heh.

- Change up my wardrobe.  I'm tired of my mom gear.  Don't get me wrong I love my comfy clothes...but it's time for a change.  I miss wearing funky outfits.  

- Grow my hair out....

- Take a family vacation somewhere fun.  

- Pay off DEBT.  I  hate having debt.  We have one credit card left and we will be debt free (besides a mortgage).  Then we can start on house projects.  

- Train for a mini-marathon and actually complete one...I don't care if I'm walking at the end...I just want to finish.

- Make more art.  I need to start painting again.

- Start doing actual work more.  I've taken off to be a stay at home mom...but I can add some more photography to my plate.

- Do more crafts with the kids.  Cedric is getting older and can hold a paint brush.  

- Start making jewelry.  I LOVE doing this...just never sit down and make it happen.

- Eat healthier.  I hate the way I's kinda sad on what I run on.  Coffee, diet coke and a chocolate.  Not the best for a busy mom.

- Get my braces off...woo hoo!!!  Can't wait for this one : )

- Stop letting people bother me.  I'm a pretty sensitive person and I need to let go of things I can't change or people who are rude.

- Volunteer.  I would love to volunteer at the woman's shelter down town.  

- Lastly, start back up my monthly date nights with Spencer.  I love that little guy and I always enjoy going out with him even if it's only to My Favorite Muffin. : )

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