Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today flew by...

I met with a client today. She was super sweet. I love dealing with nice people. Makes my job easier. I emailed the cj telling them I can do some freelance work again. I hated missing last years derby...but I was preggos and I couldn't carry all of my equipment. I miss shooting for the CJ...I love meeting new people and seeing things transpire in front of me. It's actually kinda exciting.

My business is picking I need to stay organized. I'm so excited for the new year. Besides the fact I have some head funk going on. I have a sore who knows...that's the story of my life.

Life is so hormones are going crazy. I can't wait for them to level out. I've been working out and Eric fixed an awesome healthy dinner. He's such a good cook.

plans for the new year...

- get back into shape

- love more, worry less

- forgive and forget...move on...

- redo spens bath and install his fiber optic ceiling

- travel more and get my butt up to see scott.

- pay bills off!!!!!

- no more dining out, only on special occasions. We are going to eat healthy, and get back on track.

- start doing yoga again.

- and be a better person all around. I'd love to find a church I like around us. The Unitarian church might be nice... i want to get Cedric christened. Who knows...

ok...pointless entry...

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