Friday, December 2, 2011

Easy Peasy Fake Snow...

Ok, a few years ago I discovered how to do this.  I know it's so simple and kinda cheesy but I think it's fun for the holidays.  I despise using the fake snow spray.  It is a BI*CH to clean off your window and smells horrific.  So here is a simpler version for your windows and doors.

First I started with white card stock...easy enough and I always have it somewhere in the house.

I cut little waves across the paper as seen below.  Two per window.

I put them in the corners of the windows.
I think they look cute.  You could even cut out icicles and have them hanging. Best of all just rip them down and throw them away when you are done with nasty clean up : )

 I know I'm a weirdo who goes all out for each season.  But I firmly believe in giving my kids the best most magical childhood I can.  A childhood that consists of silly family traditions, a home that is swelling to the brim with decorations and nightly tuck ins with kisses and hugs. And yes, my elf clothing has to find a way to be displayed yearly ; )

New couch pictures coming soon once my family room is pieced back together.

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