Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tutu 101...

I made my niece a tutu for her dance practice.  I had Cedric test it out and he was too cute for words in it...he LOVED it.  I might have to make him one : )

Here is the tutorial I used to make mine.

Maybe Mantu's (as my friend called this) will become all the rage?  Little combat print ones???  Maybe not....hehehehee.


Urska M. said...

Hei girl! I don't think your house looks so bad as you said? :) cannot be that bad!!

Abaut the tutu; I love it! I recently bought a mini skirt, tutu style and I'm super in love! It's not pinky, girly, but ultra black with glitter belt. More for wannabe grown ups like me :P much looove, xo

- Urska @

~Nikki Pullen said...

My house can't be as fabulous as I wish for because my two sons. So everything I buy has to be Spencer and Cedric proof ; ) I wish it was socially acceptable to sport a tutu out and about...I LOVE them. Have a great weekend!