Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Updates...

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts right now...

- I super excited for Eric's Christmas gift!  I got him a scuba diving lesson.  He wants to get certified and this will be perfect for him to see if he really likes it.  He is an excellent swimmer, so I'm totally cool with him pursing his passion.  We always try to support each others dreams.  As corny as it may seem, that's what relationships are about.  We always try to inject a healthy dose of reality to those dreams though.  One year I got him flying lessons.  He LOVED it...and that is one of his dreams as well.  I would MUCH rather him scuba dive than fly...I'm a weirdo and flying makes me nervous.  Scuba training is WAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than becoming a pilot. I'm a nerd and have already told him.  It's super hard for me to not give a gift I buy instantly.  Thankfully, Eric is better than me.

- I'm also very excited for one of my best friends getting engaged!!!  She deserves to have her prince and she totally found him.  He is a great guy and they are perfect for each other!!!  Yay!!!  Eric and I are so happy for them!!!  I have been scouring pinterest for engagement photos. I can't wait to take them : )

- We are totally done with xmas shopping and wrapping...go me...go me...go me...and it's not even midnight on Christmas Eve.  I usually wait until the last minute to wrap things.

- My boots came in the mail.  I can't wear them until Christmas...or so Eric thinks...hmmmm....I just need to return them to the box everyday before he gets home from work and he'll never know ; P

- I had a great date night this past weekend.  I plan to make more time for us in the up coming year.

- I have been going to the gym weekly.  Sadly, I have been eating my weight in cookies and cheese weekly as no big weight loss to be had.  Ha.....damn you yummy food.  I had a pretty good work out tonight.  I tried a new machine that kicked my that's a good thing..  Once this Christmas stuff is over I plan on hitting the gym up hardcore and getting back in shape. Till then...pass the cookies : )

- I think I'm getting sick.. My throat feels scratchy...I will drown my sickness with NyQuil tonight.

- We made our gingerbread house tonight.  The boys were adorable.

Off to take some meds...ick...hopefully, I feel better soon. Mom can't be sick on Christmas.  I have a lot planned craft wise with the kids this week. I plan on making star wars snow flakes soon.  Fingers crossed they turn out. 

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